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Athena.Trade Presents Hehmeyer’s Brian Peterson ‘s Discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, May 15, 2019

Athena.Trade Presents Hehmeyer’s Brian Peterson ‘s Discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms, May 15, 2019.

AI & Accountability

Fresh from the trading show, last week we were privileged to watch three of our members speak around Chicago, this week we are back at Hub 51 at 211 West Wacker, for another dynamic presentation. Today the terms Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning are THE new buzz words on everyone’s mind. Is it any wonder given that even the legislature is a swarming? See H.R. 2231: Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019 introduced April 10th? [1] [3] [8]

On May 15, we welcome Brian Peterson, Managing Director of Hehmeyer Trading + Investments to join our Members and friends as we turn towards a different use for AI and ML, what do these terms mean for capital markets and trading? Does Data really drive the market? What kinds of Machine Learning do you apply to trade? Are the algorithms all quantifiable or variables or should you use classification as a model input? Can a trader just run the model, or is there oversight implied?

The first half of our program, Brian will offer a presentation using a non-proprietary, real data, and discuss these questions and much more. The next half will be structured in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) format.

We are looking forward to a fantastic discussion and hope you are able to join either remotely or in person.

RSVP at or catch the Live stream on Twitter

About our Speaker:

“Brian Peterson has more than a decade of experience researching, designing, developing, and deploying production quantitative trading systems. He has been the lead executive for quantitative trading in multiple Chicago proprietary trading firms where his personal assets have been at risk every day. Brian is co-author or maintainer of over 10 packages for using the R statistical language in finance, and acts as the organization administrator for R’s participation in the prestigious annual Google Summer of Code program. In addition, Brian has continued to research, publish, and teach Brian has deep experience delivering large, technically complex production systems utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, including advanced optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, low latency execution, and algorithm design, judged directly by their performance in live markets.” [4]

Brian is a highly sought after speaker who is known as the authority on AI and ML use in Trading. Here is an excerpt from Jessica Darmoni’s article on Mr. Peterson’s presentation at the Voice of Blockchain,

Throughout his commentary, he highlighted pitfalls and misconceptions between the public literature and the proprietary implementations in trading firms. He looked at which models and research targets may be appropriate uses of ML in crypto trading, and provided a road map for choosing models for your own trading strategy development. We invite you to watch his presentation. [5]

Hehmeyer Investments:

Hehmeyer Trading + Investments (HTI) is an industry-leading trading and investment firm. With decades of experience in the world’s financial markets, our team is dedicated to supporting and empowering our clients and counterparties to achieve their objectives.

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Hehmeyer recently launched the Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index Fund, LLC, a commodity pool that aims to track the performance of the Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index® allowing investors to efficiently gain passive exposure to the cryptocurrency market. The pool will invest in the cryptocurrencies reflected in the Index. More information on the Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index Fund can be found on the Hehmeyer Investment Platform (HIP) [6]


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