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The true power of the the Internet comes from our ability to communicate and share information at a rate that was previously unfathomable. Now, however, we need to come up with strategies to sift and select through the information, bridge them and consolidate them to form meaningful, true stories. That’s how we get real value from the Internet, and that’s what trusted news sources are for, that’s what trusted social media are for, and that’s what great content delivery services are for.

At Datadex, we’ve been working over the last 12 months on refining our technology to deliver just that — for core data sources: files, databases, APIs. With Datadex, users can first explore what data even exist and determine how useful that data will be for their analytics or AI modelling work. Datadex further supports sifting through data with powerful search and a unique similarity measure that is calculated in realtime with all other data indexed — that way users can quickly find additional datasets that have semantic, structural, statistical, or joinable features that are similar to their own.

Augmenting data features or samples with Datadex

To build a real story from your data, for example finding out why a particular neighbourhood suffers from high traffic on their roadways at different time, you will need to combine data to explore what factors are leading to this road traffic. Perhaps data on local events will play a role; perhaps data on local construction work; maybe newly established venues are driving a lot of traffic a various points in time. To explore this could take months for a data scientist. With Datadex, you can drastically accelerate this process of data discovery and even perform data combinations to explore and potentially unravel those factors.

By combining more features or by increasing the number of samples you can reach a greater sense of truth. This is the future we envision and this is the future Datadex will help you reach!

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium