Blog: Data Analytics Offer Broader OpportunitiesWith Increasing Focus

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Companies are constantly embracing digital transformation and automation with a focus on fast-tracking operations and redefining of established systems. In conjunction with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), robot technology, they are implementing processes of data analytics that produce benchmark results, in terms of efficiency and overall consumer value. Companies will continue to compete to continue being important on the growing consumer market. Data analytics and the intelligent use of insights derived from them will be a key resource.

Data analytics is key to providing value-added products and services to companies that provide valued insights into what works best with their customers or what needs improvements. Indeed, in-depth customer analysis has enormous potential to delight customers by making it possible to develop more personalized, timely offerings. To maintain long-term contact with customers, some companies already exploit the significance of customer relationship management systems (CRM). In analyses of the heaps of data generated by CRMs at different customer interaction points, a number of tools and technologies are used. On the one hand, these applications accurately assess the efficiency and buying behavior of current customer processes. Read More…

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