ProjectBlog: DAIA Welcomes New Partners: Ahura AI, Analytics Data and ProSapien

Blog: DAIA Welcomes New Partners: Ahura AI, Analytics Data and ProSapien

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DAIA continues to unite global blockchain and AI projects with a mission to advance decentralized AI towards a communal benefit. This week we are happy to present you three more incredible partners to have joined forces with us. We welcome today Ahura AI, Analytics Data and Pro Sapien.

Ahura AI

Maximizing the educational potential of every human on earth, Ahura AI is an edtech startup that uses AI to create a one-to-one learning experience. Combining existing technologies, empirically-backed academic research, and its own intellectual property to provide personalized learning, the company is focused on improving the efficiency and efficacy of education at all levels.

Ahura AI software is scheduled to be launched in Q2 2019 and according to its Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Talebi; they are very excited to join DAIA:

“We are excited to engage with other innovative minds in the AI ecosystem to help us generate ideas, fine tune our product, and learn from their experiences. We think our offerings will substantially alter the way learners at every level engage with content and develop new skills. To do this, we need to be at the top of our own game. And we think there’s no better way to improve our own capabilities than by learning from top entrepreneurs and thought leaders working on similar challenges.”

The Ahura AI team is most excited about the personalized potential of AI and equally excited for software that is nimble enough to leverage real-time data to curate high impact experiences in education. With the goal to become the leading technology provider of educational tools that prepare generations for the jobs of the future, he also expressed how they could contribute to DAIA:

“We think our unique application of AI to one-on-one learning could be useful, in its product form, to other DAIA members and employees. We also think that the challenges, findings, and the solutions we’ve discovered in our engineering process could be really useful to other members, as they may encounter similar issues and opportunities. Our team has seen a lot — and we’re eager to share our insights gathered across diverse industries with other members.”

Analytics Data

Analytics Data is a Brazilian company that uses cutting edge techniques of data analysis to support companies in their digital transformation. With the vision to be an innovative and disruptive data oriented company, Analytics Data was born helping executives and entrepreneurs to escalate the journey from analogical decision strategies to digital data-driven strategies.

Professor Janete Ribeiro is the Chief Scientist of Analytics Data, she discussed with us what she believes this partnership with DAIA means, stating that it is an opportunity to contribute with others in the DAIA community and to disseminate the Latin America vision about data use as a raw material to disruptive technologies usage. For her, Analytics Data’s expertise in collecting, treating, transforming, publishing and storing data could be explored in three aspects:

“1. Work collaboratively: Share knowledge, work together with other entrepreneurs, mentoring, co-creating products; sharing business opportunities. As we’re a consulting company, we usually search for new solutions to help our customers solve their business problems. We believe DAIA partners could be a big Hub to find new solutions. And on the other hand, we could be a great solution for our colleagues who want to start some activity within Latin America.

2. Education: training people, encouraging students to develop new talents in Data Science and AI technologies through online courses, events, working together with experienced teams and hackathons, etc;

3. Disseminate: Participate in events, do presentations, help the business culture change for the better. The main decision makers can not see AI as an enemy, they need to see AI as a new tool to solve their new problems.”

In what comes to the trends she foresees in the AI / Decentralized word, Janete continues:

“The big challenge for AI is the raw data and the specialized people to transform plans into products. We have a lot of data, but just 11% is open data. And that 11% are not usually updated, not correctly classified or don’t ́t follow any governance methods in order to be totally useful and trustable for any research or experimental AI development. Even when we get the “right data”, we have the second challenge, how to get the “right people” with statistics and technologies knowledge in order to develop our solutions. Education and culture change, both expend a long time but with a continuous day by day effort we could have a more auspicious environment for AI/Decentralized.”


Providing solutions with artificial intelligence since 2005, ProSapien offers research and development services in a unique mix of advanced computational intelligence related technologies. Their specialty is to understand and to solve problems both technical and business related using a holistic system design approach. Recently they have developed expertise in systems that use blockchain and byzantine fault tolerant based technologies. This includes the design of both an open reputation and an open identity system on the blockchain.

Using machine intelligence to build highly cost effective and highly performant active physical protection systems, ProSapien has also developed an open source elliptic curve based end-to-end encrypted and authenticated protocol for reliable asynchronous event transport (RAET). Other open source projects supported by them include the Ioflo asynchronous flow based programming framework. ProSapien’s founder and principal engineer, Dr. Samuel M. Smith shares with DAIA the belief that the future of computing needs to be decentralized and in his words, they can contribute to DAIA with deep knowledge in Decentralized Identity, Reputation, and Automated reasoning.

In his article named Meta-Platforms and Cooperative Network-of-Networks Effects, Dr. Smith states that: “Decentralized control has the potential to cause a leveling effect that more fairly distributes value to users, limits exploitation, removes barriers to entry, and increases opportunities for disruptive innovation and value creation.”

How can you get involved?

Our vision is to foster a world where AI technologies and associated data are made open with decentralized, democratic control for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The immense potential of AI means that it can either increase the inequalities of our societies or liberate us from numerous sufferings. We believe the best way forward is to come together and work practically toward creating a better future. We see a massive potential for evolution in the established centralized corporations. We believe tech giants can contribute immensely toward making the vision of DAIA a reality.

We are welcoming the participation of those corporations that are sincere about their aim and goal of democratizing AI. The open access networks that have come together to form DAIA, such as Ahura AI, Analytics Data and ProSapien are the enabling layer for such a democratization process.

To learn more about us and inquire for memberships, please contact us at

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