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Blog: Cybernetic 8 — Volume 16

8 interesting things from a cybernetic world

What is this all about?

This newsletter is an irregular collection of the most interesting news from the tech and startup world I came across in the last couple of weeks, prepared and bite-sized for your reading pleasure.
 It will mostly cover topics around #technology #startups #deeptech #neurotech #ai #robotics #decentalization #lifescience #healthtech #complexity #cybernetics #constructivism and #futurism, but also include some funny or otherwise noteworthy stuff from time to time.
 Why cybernetic 8? Learn more about this worldview here, here or here.

Here we go → your Cybernetic 8

  • The Financial Times has a fantastic piece on the dynamics of the #rainaissance and what we can learn from Leonardo da Vinci for the #challanges and #opportunities of the tech industry of today — LINK
  • This article by Feliks Eyser talks about some of the intersting similarities between #poker and #startups. Both are #arts and #science. Leaning and #risk managment are important aspects in both disciplines —LINK
  • In this post, Andrew Byrnes also talks about #chips, but not in poker but the ones made of #silicon. There are intersting new developments in chip design that could be a big thing for the #semiconductor industry — LINK
  • If you are into the #quantified self movement, check this article about a guy who is tracking himself obsessively and what he learned so far — LINK
  • In this article in WIRED, Joi Ito smartly argues against an apocalyptic “AI takes over the world” scenario and for a protopian “extended intelligence” scenario instead .Also, it looks like #cybernetics and #systems thinking is gaining traction with thought leaders again. I really like that! — LINK

“In Silicon Valley, the combination of groupthink and the financial success of this cult of technology has created a feedback loop, lacking in self-regulation”

  • In #space, the #constellation and #cubesat trend does not only lead to useful new developments, some rather questionable ideas like “space advertising” — LINK

  • Before we move too far into #space, we should probably take care of our #earth before. Ramez Naam has a great blog post about the #future of #clean #energy. A must-read! — LINK
  • To finish, it’s Leonardo one more time. Vulture has a readworthy article about the history of the Salvator Mundi — LINK

Anything else?

Did you already miss the #robot video? Alright, here we go:

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