ProjectBlog: Cyber Insects

Blog: Cyber Insects

Artificial Intelligence for creating cyber incests

Photo by Ej Hassenfratz from Dribbble

Recently, I happened to read a huge number of articles and books about modern technologies and new discoveries in the field of science, especially computer science. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality are the most interesting for me, in the fourth place is augmented reality, which in recent years has begun to evolve and be used intensively. But artificial intelligence is of particular interest to me because I started working in this direction and the scope of the application of artificial intelligence is endless. And here I want to tell you completely about an unusual topic, namely about insect robots.


According to my observations, most of the most interesting technologies are first created in the military industry, and only then appear in other industries. And most of the incredible things that we are just beginning to use now have long been created and applied in the military industry. One of these things is cybernetic insects. The military has long begun to use these insects for their own purposes, one of which is to spy on enemies, these little inconspicuous insects are able to track enemies behind them and provide intelligence data.

“How will they be able to tell the difference between enemy combatants and our own troops?”
“All soldiers will have an RFID chip implanted,” explained the major.

― Jonathan Maberry

Other applications of these insects may be for the spread of harmful substances in the territory of the enemy. Or, for example, to attack certain enemy equipment, for example, breakdowns of their radio stations, damage to their wires and networks. And most importantly, the use of artificial intelligence for these insects can increase their capabilities many times. For example, you can teach them the behavior of several insects at once, so that they can defend themselves against animal attacks, hide from people, find a way out of various difficult situations and behave like ordinary insects.


But another area of ​​application for these cybernetic insects may be a peaceful industry, namely agriculture. The use of this technology in this area is much more useful for the people and will be able to ease the work of people and simplify the care of meadows. And these insects will be able to simplify the work of many workers, they will be able to engage in sowing, will be able to help farmers in the fight against harmful insects, will be able to monitor the sowing, make reports on the status of meadows and crops and the quality of sowing.

“We’re making this analogy that AI is the new electricity. Electricity transformed industries: agriculture, transportation, communication, manufacturing.” 
 — Andrew Ng

Can you imagine how much the work of farmers will be simplified and how much better they will be able to monitor their work; these reports will help them monitor the condition of the meadows and sowing, because of this they will be able to water and fertilize the meadows in time, harvest the crop at the most appropriate time and follow land quality. And thus the natural products produced by these farmers will become much better and more beneficial for our health.

The age of technology has come, we just need to properly apply all these developments and spend our resources and money in the right direction to make our lives better.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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