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This article speaks on the use of AI and how it is being implemented today along with how it will be implemented in the future. It includes measuring AI’s impact, How companies are using AI, and How AI will affect AI in the future.

Quote: “51% of customers say their expectations of companies are now being influenced by AI.”

This article is worth digging into because of its statistical insight into the communication between Customers and Business’ with AI having a middle man affect.

This video talks briefly about AI today and how it is being used. Some of the examples used are amazon/google tracking likings and dislikings and Teslasa fully automated car. But, automation today is not the final step. The video next talks about the jobs which will be taken by AI. These jobs include anything having to do with one human implementing another humans information into a system and delivery routes (can be done by drones).

Quote: “Even my job, as a journalist, is threatened by rapidly improving news alga-rhythms that can gather information and deliver it faster, and more accurately.”

This video is worth watching not only because of the fascinating visual representations, but also because of the shocking realizations gather that many low income jobs will soon not be available because of AI and the advancements going forward in automation.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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