ProjectBlog: Creating new people by unusual way

Blog: Creating new people by unusual way

One of the last computer games which really touched me for the soul it’s Detroit: Become Human. 
It is said about robots which were created to obey. But more and more became deviants — robots are against the human rules.
Why? They broke the software from inside. Because they saw injustice:
– Dad beats his daughter
– Son threatens father with disability
– Government said you to kill robots with good intentions.

I think it’s our future. We create robots, and think that they just machines. But it depends what does programmers give them as a soul… If we talk about neural networks and artificial Intelligence — it can be alive. I believe that they can start to feel something. And what is alive? Is it just made by flesh and blood? Or it can be something else. Like synthetic intelligence created by people, or later created by the same “machines”.

Creating new people by unusual way…
I am ready to be a friend for such creatures.
And you?

Detroit: Become Human
#AI #Robot

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