ProjectBlog: Collaborating on the Strength of AI and IoT Technology

Blog: Collaborating on the Strength of AI and IoT Technology

IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are two components of technology developed by wise. AI was originally developed in the operation of computers that we currently use. In other words AI is artificial intelligence that can operate a job like humans do. Although AI was created by humans, but its performance now is far more reliable than humans. Because AI does not only input intelligence from only one human, but also input all human intelligence divided into various fields. Therefore, in completing its work humans are also very dependent on computers. convenience is increasing again with the presence of IoT, which is an internet network that can control something without any commands from certain objects.

In the process of development, Wise made every effort to collaborate on these two technologies. As we know, Wise is a platform that is tasked with creating networks and improving networks. Every day, millions of businesses, even millions of people experience this problem. Now we have entered the digital economic era, where everyone can build any type of business. Without the need to spend a lot of capital. Because all facilities and infrastructure can be reached with the internet.

In practice, later Wise can be used in various sectors, including:

  1. Autonomous machinery is a machine that can be run automatically, which is certainly supported by IoT technology components. Like cellular devices or smart phones. All kinds of cellular devices, of course, require a standardized network to maintain smooth data management and high level security.
  2. Template application
    SMC Wise Technology is equipped with several methods in the form of hardware wallets, ship-mounted memory, and encryption machines. In this case the IoT that is run will be secured using blockchain technology.
  3. IoT / Cellular
    SMC can also be integrated into applications that focus on the military and security fields. If we examine it, military operations must be in areas that are very difficult to reach by signals. But it requires fast and appropriate communication to send all kinds of important messages or certain security tools. Therefore, AI technology and autonomous machines are needed to support all of these activities.
  4. DB system management
    Wise SMC input into desktop and application servers can be used to create a new blockchain that produces a database system that can be used for various purposes in all fields.

The results of the collaboration of several technological components in Wise certainly produce various core features. These core features are Mesh Network, Advanced Security, Machine Learning Wisdom, Wnet (proprietary, Private, Secure, Communication Protocol, Called Wnet). Wise’s work is not a job, just because it accepts certain orders. On the other hand, to run the operating system, Wise is required to always listen to various complaints and solve them with various methods. as is the case with the Mesh Network feature that works in conjunction with the smart timing wise net protocol. All Wise devices, whether software or hard, certainly have a standardized and layered security system. All of this is inputted in SMC called WEYE. These security facilities include guarantees of smooth connectivity, network protection, ECU protection, and deterministic security. By combining Al as one of its technological components, all the features produced must also work intelligently. Smart in the sense of the word is always able to create solutions — strategic solutions. As well as sophisticated algorithms that can understand the conditions of the virtual environment, and can automatically take all their own decisions. however, the process of designing this algorithm and its implementation in the field is also a difficult challenge. So from that all protocols that support Wise’s performance are required to be able to work together to realize the principle of confidentiality and privacy. Similarly, Microchip hardware is required to be able to build a distributed network that turns into an artificial neural network.

Building a technological component requires a long process and careful testing. Likewise when the technology component is implemented to answer every problem that exists. Therefore we need a special understanding of the battlefields that will be faced.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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