ProjectBlog: Clinics Powered by Artificial Intelligence are Now Offering Medical Care to Patients in Arizona – Science Times

Blog: Clinics Powered by Artificial Intelligence are Now Offering Medical Care to Patients in Arizona – Science Times

Akos Med Clinic
(Photo : Photo source – KTAR News Photo) Artificial Intelligence clinics of the Akos Med Clinics seen here that provide medical care to patients.

Artificial intelligence is a new technology that is taking different roles that have traditionally been handled by a human. In Russia, some banks are already relying on technology to serve their clients. Now in Phoenix Arizona, there are clinics that are powered by artificial intelligence offering care to patients. Similar to some check-out lines found in certain stores, patients are now getting medical care from kiosks that are powered by artificial intelligence.

The medical kiosks are found inside walk-in Akos Med Clinics at 10 Safeway stores located at the metro-Phoenix area. Surprisingly, there are no doctors found in the clinics, instead, the medical kiosks gather important medical info from the patients which is then used to help determine the possible diagnosis.

Sean Walker the director of operations for the Akos Med Clinic said, “Our kiosks are packed with artificial intelligence, which will help guide the patient through the patient encounter while taking their vitals.” The kiosk asks the patient a series of questions in order to ascertain the patient’s medical history, current medications, allergies, and symptoms.

Patients can also conduct self-examinations themselves using available medical equipment such as temporal thermometer, stethoscope, and blood pressure machines. There are also cameras available to help examine the throat, ears or nose, of a patient if the need arises.

“Once all the vitals are taken and the series of questions are over… one of our providers will come live on the screen and talk to the patient live as a virtual exam room,” said Walker.

Walker, however, said that even though the kiosks generate several probable diagnoses, it is the providers that make the ultimate diagnostic decision relying on the information gathered. There are also medical assistants that stand by at the clinics to offer assistance. “Patients can then walk right next door to the pharmacy to get the medication that was prescribed to them,” said Walker.

If you don’t have medical insurance, a visit to these medical kiosks will cost you $75 per visit that will last typically under 25 minutes. According to Walker, the idea of artificial intelligence powered medical kiosks is to offer convenience and affordability to the patients who need medical care services.

The Millennial generation has been seen to be actually taking the initiative even much sooner than expected. Nate Curran, the general manager for Akos Med Clinic said even though people of the millennial generation were on the forefront in embracing the new technology, it was open for everyone.

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