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Blog: Chapter 2

Supervised Learning, is it Love or just data?

Finally a Friday after a rough week. Swetha picks her phone.

“How about a movie tonite?”, she asks

“No, It is our Machine Learning week, remember?” , he says

“Hmnn, are you serious?” I haven’t had time to prepare. Let’s do the movie instead.

“Nope, let’s go to the beach”, Prakash says.

“Ok, guess what am I wearing today. If you get that right, I will come to the beach.” Swetha said.

This is not something she usually does but she is fairly confident that he will get this wrong.

Prakash thinks for a moment and asks

“ When did you go home yesterday?”

“The usual at 5.30, but first guess what am I wearing today” she smiled.

“Hmnnn..may be the yellow top that you bought last weekend with your old blue jeans,” he said giving a long pause for her to acknowledge.

“Okay, 15 mins I will be at the beach”, she said. She didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that she lost the bet.

At the beach!

The sun is settling and the breeze takes over. The little boy who walked the camel gave them a smile. He knows them since long.

Moving her gaze away from the sunset, she looks into his eyes “How could you be so right? You love me so much don’t you?” Swetha asks

“Ahem, yes I do but more than the love I think I have learned you.”

“I have been seeing you for years. So all that data helped,” said Prakash

“Data? What crap?” said Swetha

“ OK let’s invite Supervised learning” he continued

Every day, what you wear is influenced by many factors. For example

Your Mood

The day of the week

Your workload

Our Plan for the evening

What you shopped recently

and a dozen other things

In a way, this is actually what Supervised learning is.

So as I knew you for years. You have been feeding me with information on what you were wearing along with all the factors that influence your dressing, like your mood, the day, your shopping list etc.

The neurons in my brain learned the pattern and are able to map the factors with your dress.

So, my mind did a simple classification of what you are wearing.

Your dress here is called Label.

The factors that influence your dressing like the mood, day of the week etc are called features.

Given all the features, my neural network was able to predict what you were wearing.

Generally, we are used to the cause and effect kind of mindset where a single cause results in a single effect. But here in machine learning, there are multiple causes that result in a single effect.

So, I have the data, hence i could predict.and for love, I use that for much better things than predicting what you wear.

“hmmm, makes sense,” said Swetha

Just like how I could predict the next movie you would like to watch.

based on

No of Cars

Any Flying superheroes

The previous parts

Review on Rotton tomatoes

She gave him a sarcastic wink.

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