If you are a casual person with some affection to math, and you have taken a look at this big concept -

(AI, Machine Learning)

Then you have probably heard words like Linear regression, Neuron networks,

But what is a Neuron?

A neuron is a nerve cell that is the fundamental structure square of the sensory system. Neurons are like different cells in the human body in various ways, yet there is one key distinction among neurons and different cells. Neurons are specific to transmit data all through the body.

These profoundly specific nerve cells are in charge of conveying data in both compound and electrical structures.

Ok… But how can I use that?

To answer that, we should define what is a Neural Network:

Neural networks are a lot of calculations, modeled freely after the human brain, that are intended to perceive designs. They decipher tangible information through a sort of machine discernment, naming or grouping crude information. The examples they perceive are numerical, contained in vectors, into which all true information, be it pictures, sound, content or time arrangement, must be interpreted.

So, here are a few snippets of code i have been toying around with lately

Implementing our own design for a neuron, and also Gradient Descend at the bottom

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium