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Blog: Businesses need to consider an intelligent mobile app development

We will have a few large companies, governments, and maybe some billionaires who will be able to afford their own AI. Those AIs will be delicate and need constant attention by a crew of dedicated humans.

While we are far from creating machines even remotely as intelligent as humans, it’s only smart to think about how to handle them sooner rather than later. Businesses need to consider an intelligent mobile app development for the Data lake, DaaS, AaaS, and research-oriented implementation. The latest Gartner’s report reveals that, for the world’s biggest 200 companies, by 2018 will all in all use intelligent apps and leverage big data analytics to reinvent their user experience strategies.

Companies are collecting and storing all the data which are being produced by their customers and technology. Artificial intelligence looks through all of these data and recognizes the songs we like, the time we listen, the artist we prefer and will suggest us some other related songs which we may like and listen. Big and giants companies like Google, Spotify, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Apple, IBM, and so many companies are applying artificial intelligence to their products and services and providing phenomenal experiences to their customers and users.

It is transforming the world and that is why all sectors companies are incorporating artificial intelligence into their products, services, and operations. Artifical intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines, especially computer system. Artificial intelligence such as Einstein works by analysing customer data, finding patterns and developing deep insights into individual customers — at a rate not humanly possible.

In the meantime Japan initiated the Fifth Generation Computer Project which was intended to create computers and programs that could communicate using natural language, do visual processing and recognition as well as emulate human reasoning. This idea of building a machine capable of human intelligence came not long after the advent of the first practical computers. John McCarthy, one of the Dartmouth conference organizers who coined the term defines it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” The founding idea was that the central feature of humanity — intelligence — could be analyzed, described and simulated by a machine.

Artificial intelligence is defined as a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. It’s been a long and bumpy road, at least by technological progress measurement since that first Dartmouth conference on machine learning in 1956 when Marvin Minsky boldly predicted that “within a generation.. the problem of creating ‘artificial intelligence’ will substantially be solved.” Other bold predictions followed every few years, then every decade until with little actual success the predictions stopped. New research into machine learning, user interfaces and the human brain are being brought from the lab into practice.

Then, artificial intelligence goes a step deeper, and uses machine learning and deep learning to improve the predictive analytics. This blog will talk about the different artificial intelligence systems and how it could drastically change companies and the employees that work for them, for the better. Millions of dollars is a lot of money, how can artificial intelligence save companies all that money?

Soon enough almost all companies will have some sort of artificial intelligence, although I can only speculate on how well those other companies will do. In my opinion, once other companies are being left behind in terms of competition because of these other companies using artificial intelligence, those companies will start incorporating artificial intelligence. Other companies that are now using artificial intelligence include Honeywell Inc., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., and IBM Corp.

In the same article that was mentioned in my previous post which was titled, “Artificial Intelligence Demystified”, there were a couple of other companies that were mentioned. Yes I do have information about a couple other companies that have been successful with the artificial intelligence transition and implementation into their companies. Although I did say it will take a long time to develop artificial intelligence to the point where robots will be fully functional on their own with artificial intelligence, there is still a lot of work to be done in developing the technology.

Although there will be people whose jobs will be taken by the artificial intelligence, there will be many more jobs created by this new technology. Another option with the future of artificial intelligence is to implement a doctor like figure that will take in symptoms and other medical and background data from the patient and would prescribe the right treatment for the patient. All in all, artificial intelligence is a big part of future technology and we should not try and repel some of the side affects of this new and developing technology.

AIED draws together work from multiple disciplines, in particular: computer science, education and psychology to explore ways in which learning and teaching can benefit from technology that draws upon research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). From utility companies, manufacturers to transportation companies, KI can estimate the maintenance time depending on the collected data forecasts. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving.

The next phase in accomplishing human-level ai is developing intelligent-but not autonomous Artificial Intelligence. Robotic Process Automation is known for Artificial Intelligence research on Facebook or myspace, on a program for software. Artificial intelligence is a whole new board game — it refers more to computers and technology, but I could go on about the connectionist theory (well… I will save that for another hub!)lol.

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