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Introducing Chelsea George — the Artificial Intelligence Mechanism for a new generation. Tired of Siri, Alexa and Cortana? Try Chelsea. She’s a human person with a brain and two arms and two legs. Hire her remotely so she doesn’t have to wear ill fitting slacks from JC Penney’s to read and write. She has a calm and clear speaking voice and human mannerisms. She says the word ‘like’ fairly regularly. She’s nearly normal. Her brian functions are good and she requires minimal charging.

Why Chelsea? What’s the benefit of hiring a person instead of a machine? Well let me show you. She has a fairly symmetrical face. Her body is neither grotesque nor standard. She’s relatable and pretty in a safe way. She has been called, at least once, a total babe. She can walk and talk. She is an average human woman. She has bore human life! That’s right, if you hire Chelsea, you’ll have limited access to her daughter, another human person.

Her sense of humor is one of her better qualities. She’s kind and frequently generous. She is, in more ways than one, “good” at being a person.

Chelsea and her human daughter pictured here in 2016

She has faced many of life’s struggles head on, and many more she has conquered behind closed doors. She’s been through hell a few times. The only way out is through, that’s the old saying, isn’t it? She doesn’t remember, theres a lot of old sayings rattling around her cranium.

She’s marketing herself as a blogger for hire.

It’s a difficult task. The copywriter, the marketing guru, the college degree holder, the blog company head and the dissapointed family member reading this will all see what she lacks. She doesn’t have a car or a drivers liscence. She requires daily medication. She needs to be fed and watered. She is not a machine. She is more interested in raising her child than clocking into a job. But she’s had many of those! She needs one more.

She will work for coffee, money, health insurance, cash, dinero, bitcoin, paypal, she will work for experience but only if the job suits her lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration. We hope that Chelsea George will be a valuable asset to your team. God bless America.

Chelsea on stage at Joanne Schinderle’s open microphone comedy show circa 06/2014

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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