ProjectBlog: Benitet wallet AI quantitative trading: the data also has the world

Blog: Benitet wallet AI quantitative trading: the data also has the world

As early as the 20th century Wall Street, the artificial intelligence to replace humans to complete part of the work has emerged. One of the greatest hedge managers, James Simmons, with his Renaissance technology company. Investing in the ball market, unlike the previous financial companies, the computer is more replaced in this investment company. With the work of financial analysts, there are very few traditional Wall Street analysts. This company is a famous quantitative investment. The capital fund — the incubator of the medallion fund, the quantitative investment has come to the public.

In the world of quantitative investment, artificial intelligence has replaced humans to complete part of the work, but does this mean artificial? Will intelligence replace humans? The answer is no, the part that artificial intelligence replaces is the ability to get the job done, not replace humans. Especially in the world of quantitative investment, artificial intelligence is only a tool to provide services for wide passengers.
Give investors the best portfolio and benefits. Like a smartphone, what it can bring us is to let us in any corner. Real-time communication, in addition to the advantages of more convenient in a variety of life scenarios.

So, what advantages does the Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot bring to the quantitative investment? Bennett Wallet Labor Intelligent robot quantitative investment is to obtain sales orders through quantitative methods and computer programmatic. A profit-oriented trading method; through the establishment of a data model, valuation, timing and stock selection.

The investment trading model of Benitet Wallet Artificial Intelligence Robot will put some of the company’s fundamentals during stock selection. The data is used as a model indicator, and the market trend indicator is added to the model. The final trading decision is the model synthesis office. There are results of the indicator running. The advantages of such investment trading are:

1. Discipline: trading decisions such as timing and stock selection are determined by the model, avoiding emotional, greedy, etc., which may lead to investment errors. Psychological factors interfere;

2. Systematic: Multi-level, multi-angle quantitative investment model. In the category of asset allocation, industry selection, stock allocation Each has its own sub-model; at the same time, it establishes tracking indicators for market cycle, structure, valuation, market sentiment, etc.;

3. Arbitrage thinking: At the moment of each market, use model analysis to obtain the α income exceeding the market;

4. Probability wins: In the turbulent market, the perfect model can’t achieve absolute win rate. Quantitative investment Rely on the probability of winning more than the market average, micro-win micro-transmission, sand accumulation into a tower, and finally obtain considerable income.

Benitet Wallet Artificial Intelligence Robot Quantitative Trading Solution.

Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot quantitative trading technology principle:
Benitet wallet artificial intelligence robot quantitative trading blue dot technology community alliance for technical support, research and development as the fundamental. Technology-oriented, based on artificial intelligence and big data, on options, futures, foreign exchange, digital assets the production of dozens of related products is reasonably configured, and the application of their respective domain associations is packaged and hedged, based on big data operations make probabilities. Achieve steady and sustained benefits.

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