ProjectBlog: Automation: Poisoning India’s love for software testing

Blog: Automation: Poisoning India’s love for software testing

This week I set myself on a quest to find an answer to a very humble question:

“ Will I lose my job to a robot? ”

With a pinch of hesitation and a dash of anxiety, the argument captures the minds of many.

Automation is being aggressively leveraged to fit into every walk of life. And with the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it has only thrived.

The elementary objective of technology has always been making life easier. And automation has been it’s shining emblem. It’s coming in big and steady, to wipe out a large number of existing jobs. No questions asked.

But before I share my personal thoughts on this, lets see what you’ve got to say for yourself:

Is the automation wave all new?

It’s not.
The hype is renewed though.

A variety of jobs which are prevalent today will become a thing of the past: unheard and unseen by the next employable generation.

Today, software testers are feeling the heat from the arising situation. That’s because a wide scope for automation is feasible here, allowing companies to cut significant costs from every possible angle.

On the contrary, test automation roles have immensely flourished. Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence have shifted the paradigm (as always) by introducing code free, non-disruptive and user friendly methodologies. That’s the soft justification for killing manual software testing. From complex manufacturing to middle-level management, automators are hungry beasts. And do not forget: All of this is the boring old. The wave is yet to crash!

This Google trends graph for the keyword ‘automation’ shows a journey from a long-time declining curve to a recently soaring skew.

India: From cynosure to epicentre

The world recognises India as a home to a massive technical workforce. Talking statistics: Bangalore is the world’s #1 destination for outsourced testing while Chennai is the world’s #1 top emerging city.

But those ranks are suddenly not flirty anymore.

Not all opinions are based on facts. But all facts are not based on opinions.
World Bank data estimates 69% of today’s jobs in India are threatened by automation.

India has starting exploring self-sustainable technology on a very serious note, and automation is going to be pivotal at each step. This paves the way for more bots and better bots. They may involve harnessing & nurturing green energy, facilitating Indian-made manufacturing and managing all government related activities.

Before we wind this segment, here’s a region-specific search interest for ‘test automation’. India is watching.

A zero-sum game

Only the nature of jobs will rapidly change. Procedural jobs will attenuate giving birth to more and more innovation, embracing our humanness. That of yours and mine.

The initial waves of the crisis have already exposed some jobs at risk. Meanwhile, it has scattered lights to various niche domains which were earlier deprived of attention.

Big guns like AI, big data & IOT are cohesively proving better automated solutions to fulfil organisational goals. Factors such as reduced cost, increased accuracy, increased speed, scalability, flexibility and ease are making life simpler for the big boys (large companies).

Automation has sown the seeds for increased workforce relevancy.

Jobs orchestrating various automation activities are going to be critical in determining overall success. What’s more important is that jobs focussed on emotional quotient will be accentuated.

The amount of sans-creative work in India is ginormous. The Indian education system has undeniably aided to this consistently. This is why parents are strongly considering international-board affiliated schools for their child’s education. Some ripples hitting at the bottom of the employment chain, of course.


Here we are, in the 21st century.
Waking to an alarm, having a morning dose of Facebook, composing emails at work, watching YouTube back home, Facebook again and then off to sleep, for another day.

We’re the real robots. The jokes on us.

Automation will make us human all over again.

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