ProjectBlog: Automatically Artificial Intelligence For Human

Blog: Automatically Artificial Intelligence For Human

Artificial intelligence in technology word is one thing new idea and even breakthrough in Economics 4.0 , so what’s next ?

What’s now?

Artificial intelligence is one of the newest things even a breakthrough in the old world like the 1990s. Where in that year many people had begun to design and even many were considered crazy by some people because of it.

This can be seen from some people who have crazy ideas in their time. That year many people thought about science fiction contained in widespread animated films. Perhaps the most remembered by children is the animation Doraemon — Fujiko F. Fujio.

Where in the film there are science fiction tools that help humans to do something. From easy things too difficult things. And without us realizing that dream came true in 2000. With technology developing, many things happened even realized. One of the things that most feel is a transliteration/language translator tool.

So that the world today, things that are difficult and complicated for humans to do. Can be done now quickly and simultaneously. So that humans work more efficiently and very quickly. If humans do not take advantage of the technology that exists today, then many things will be left behind and will even be run over in competition in the industrial world.

Even in the future, many people have already prepared technological designs for the next stage. Where humans do not need other humans and only control everything through a system that has been designed and held in a hand grip.

Artificial intelligence

This is where the role of artificial intelligence becomes the main point in the future of the industry. Where in industrial banking all deposits and withdrawals as well as services that were previously done by humans who have special expertise replaced by machines and the system as a whole.

The obstacle currently included in economy 4.0 is the integration of data with each other. Where a lot of data is covered even trying to be removed by some people so that it cannot be identified by anyone.

In the world of technology, this causes the existing data not to be connected even at all. Because in the logic of artificial intelligence, if there is data that cannot be known even manipulated. Then the results that are issued are wrong, and if one of the data is wrong then all existing data becomes wrong. If the data presented is wrong, then all economic policies/decisions will be presented/made.

In economy 4.0 is a very good transition period, where data presented by the government should be studied by artificial intelligence. Where it should be in this era, all data in one country is changed from manual / paper to digital form which must be accessible by artificial intelligence and certain people to ensure and further analyze existing data.

Along with the above principles, all transactions in one country or one environment should be based on electronic data. For example in a company, all transactions including taxation, bidding processes, and other processes can be carried out from various places and to the parties concerned the data can be seen from anywhere with high security. The decision is a decision taken by artificial intelligence fairly without a specific case.

But what happens in most companies today is the amount of interference by certain people, especially officials of an environment to make decisions individually. This also applies in the scope of government, where the government only receives data which actually still has 30% more errors. Because there are still many data that are present manually and can be manipulated by some people.

But if the government dares to run as a principle in an AI-based company, the government will automatically get a very minimum error of around 0.1% of the total data. Because the data is taken electronically and automatically which is very easy to analyze and process by AI without a particular case.

So when we speak 5.0 / other economics, the servants and even admin data can be arranged easily and decision making quickly. Because the data presented is very comfortable and even very detailed.

When everything is running automatically with the help of artificial intelligence that is intended for humans. Then everything will be in accordance with expectations and the goals will certainly be achieved including the economic achievement of an environment.

Economy 5.0

with increasingly fast data rates and various big data (cloud computing) companies from abroad and domestically present in a country. The more opportunities created by artificial intelligence technology that can be run automatically and the lower the cost of digitizing the data.

Economy 5.0 industry and institutions should have 80% use of technology and development. So that all data and computerized transactions are recorded electronically. So that the data can be obtained and analyzed properly by AI and provide information to the user what to do, what to pay, and what they get.

So that the idea of Ai that runs automatically for humans to make it easier to do everything and faster even have thoughts for innovation and efficiency can be realized in the future. ( Samuel Liputra)

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