ProjectBlog: Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #105 – Apr 25th 2019

Blog: Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #105 – Apr 25th 2019

In the News

Bloomberg review of Tiktok and it’s data-backed approach to social

The video-sharing app by the Chinese-owned Bytedance, the world’s most valuable startup, has a younger audience than Facebook, an algorithm that learns you, and different ideas about free speech.

Also in the news this week…

  • The top 5 AI trends. More
  • An AI startup’s approach to solving fashion’s data problem. More
  • Mind reading device uses ML to turn brainwaves into audible speech. More


AI Hardware Asia Summit launches in Beijing, June 4-5 2019

The AI Hardware Asia Summit is the second in a global series focusing on AI accelerator technologies and the design and application of silicon and systems for processing deep learning, neural networks and computer vision. Discover the Agenda now!


Data Science at the young Uber

Discussion with Bradley Voytek, the first data scientist at Uber

Interview of Google Photos’ Product Lead

On managing and improving an app that uses ML at its core and has the potential to serve a few billion people.

Lecture by Demis Hassabis on the state of AI

Software tools & code

One model to rule them all

Predictive performance is just the beginning of how you should be evaluating your models.

A visual proof that Neural Networks can compute any function

You might have heard that many times, but here is an interesting way to visualize that and progressively bulid the NNs computing any function

Advanced NLP with spaCy

Online course covering NLP topics like basic statistical models, extracting information from large volumes of text and pipelines.


What Machine Learning needs from Hardware

More Arithmetic, Inference, Low Precision, Compatibility and Codesign

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