ProjectBlog: Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Blog: Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning


Beware! Computer Science jargon follows…

What is a particular difference between machine learning and simple programming? Is it a study about particular knowledge or simply if-else statements. In this post, I will show you the difference between the two and introduce you to some of the smart people who use it.

So, who are people involved in this domain? Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Machine Learning experts… or just programmers or coders. Are they really alike? If yes, is there any boundary that distinguishes Machine Learning and Traditional Programming? Continue reading if you want to know more!

What is Machine Learning?

People mark ML, Machine Learning as a complicated study, while some say that it is just if statements. The word Machine Learning describes math + algorithm.

Moving ahead, describing AI, Artificial intelligence in simple words, it is just a domain which contains fields such as image processing, cognitive science, neural networks and much more. While Machine Learning is the component in its circle.

The prerequisite idea of Machine Learning is that computer system not only focuses on the algorithm but also, learns to solve the problem itself.

Machine Learning is a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Arthur Samuel, pioneer of Machine Learning

Thus, ML concentrates on teaching the machine to solve complex tasks. It may include designing autonomous cars, face-recognition systems or defining the functionality of personal assistants (Siri, Cortana), etc.

ML technology is further characterized into three levels of accessibility.

  1. The first level where the tech-companies such as Google or IBM use technology.
  2. The second level, where a student with particular knowledge can use it.
  3. The third level, where our Grand-parents use ML.

In the current era, 2nd and 3rd level are mostly practiced that speeds up the advancements in technology.

Lastly, ML is further characterized into two categories, supervised ML and non-supervised ML. The machine learning involving the instructor is Supervised Machine Learning while without an instructor is non-supervise learning.

Machine Learning vs Traditional programming

In traditional programming, you hard-code how the system will solve the problem. However, in Machine Learning, you let the machine test what to do to solve the problem.

Can Coder replace the data engineer?

Every data engineer must be proficient in at least one coding language, while traditional programming is the simplest part of his job. However, you can’t expect a traditional programmer to use ML-algorithms to develop some giant system.

ML is not a substitution but a supplement to traditional programming. For instance, a website can be built using ML algorithms while its UI designs are implemented using programming languages such as JavaScript and Jquery.

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