ProjectBlog: Artificial Intelligence is going to change the future: will it kill jobs?

Blog: Artificial Intelligence is going to change the future: will it kill jobs?

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly smarter, it is clear to see that there are many things the technology can do now that machines and computers were not capable of some years back.

From the fears of robots taking jobs to AI technology being used for bad, some of the biggest names in tech not seem entirely pleased about the future of AI — and in fact are concerned it poses a threat to humanity.

AI will kill almost all jobs:

It is not a question of if but when. From automated cars to disease diagnosis (Watson) and designing and implementing Nobel prize-winning experiments, AI is being developed for wide range of expertise level. Unless AI hits some magic barrier it will be the reality by 2030.

Both Low level and High-level jobs will die:

We have a pyramidal+linked+dependent economy. Most of the answers state that easy repeatable jobs will disappear, but the effect will be larger. Let us take vehicle automation: when driver are pushed out by AI, car insurance company will also lose employee and revenue and so will repair services and many others. Even when your jobs are not directly automated, doesn’t mean they are immune.

The industrial revolution is a favorite go to example of optimistic souls. But past performance does not guarantee future survival. This logic renders us immortal. e.g. If I have not died in last ’n’ days, I am sure to survive ‘n+1’ th day and so on will never die by inductive logic.

Industrial revolution killed many jobs and human cost was forgotten :

e.g. British textile mills killed lot of Indian craftsmen in 19th and 20 th century. Better equipped factories killed low capital enterprises. Your only hope will be the technological asymmetry between different parts of the world but that cushion will not last for more than 50 years.

The barrier for small business in many sectors will be insurmountable:

When Google/Lyft/Uber has automated all cars. No ordinary man can just take a loan and start new business. And similar applies to everything else. So no proud small business owner Americans for you.

AI will create fewer new jobs:

The emphasis is on fewer. But it will take at least a generation to figure out the skill demand and right approach. And that generation will go through lot of turmoil.

Industrial revolution irreversibly changed our society, so will AI:

We will need new social structure, new education system to deal with it. When this change is backed up by 500 billion $ MNC no govt. will stand in their way.

Technology is changing faster than we can handle:

Even if AI creates new technical jobs; you can’t expect 50 years old cabby to whip up programming magic. AI will replace jobs faster than we can retrain and reorient our future generations. A generation will suffer the turmoil of change. Our present society; whether in govt , social or science realm, is ill-prepared to deal with change.

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