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Blog: Artificial Intelligence in Weather Forecasting

It has been challenging for mankind to deal with tough weather conditions. Sometimes the natural disasters are too deadly that it can sabotage the prosperity of human civilization. And, it will take years to recover from the fury of nature.

Recently, the eastern state of India, Odisha has witnessed the pandemonium of the super cyclone ‘Fani’, which devastated many districts in the state. People witnessed the ghastly wind, which never observed in the daylight at least in the last century.

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), is it possible to achieve 100% accurate weather forecasting?

Leading IT companies have been doing their intensive research using leveraging technologies like AI, IoT, and Big Data.

It would be a remarkable achievement for mankind if they succeed to predict the most accurate weather forecasting using modern technologies. Millions of lives can be saved with this breakthrough of AI implementation in weather forecasting.

Of late, the meteorologists are able to predict 80 percent accurate natural disasters across the world with the help of modern technologies, satellite data, and equipment with highly sophisticated sensors. Achieving 100 percent accuracy will be a milestone to achieve. But, that is possible with AI.

The process of predicting weather using AI is a complex thing, it needs massive data to analyze. The satellites gather massive data of weather across the globe every day and these could be used to predict in real-time. The implementation of the AI will be useful in predicting the future. NOAA (the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) is considered to be the most effective environmental satellite to monitor weather conditions.

AI could be employed to analyze the data and predict weather forecasting. Currently, scientists are using artificial intelligence to obtain refined and accurate results in real time. By implementing the deep learning mathematical models, AI could be used to predict future weather patterns by analyzing the past weather data.

The impact of this development will be highly beneficial for the community. The early and accurate prediction would save the lives of millions across the globe, especially at the coastal belt. The prediction will be useful for the farmers those are dependent on rain-fed cultivation. Early warning and alarms systems would stop the fishermen not to venture into the sea. There are many more benefits.

Learnitude Technologies team worked on such a model to predict the future weather forecasting. A team of developers having machine learning analyzed the data of the last 15 years to predict weather condition for different locations. The team used Linear Regression with scikit-learn in Python.

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