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Blog: Artificial Intelligence in the Future

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It is being foreshadowed as one of the top technologies that is coming our way. There are dozens sitting on either side of the fence. Elon Musk says Artificial Intelligence will undermine our freedom and security and be detrimental to the survival of the human race in the not so distant future. On the other side of the fence, Mark Zuckerberg says AI is a boon bestowed upon us and it will positively affect over lives in multiple ways. So regardless of which side of the conversation you are on, we cannot ignore the fact the AI will have a big impact on your lives in the near future. Here are seven ways in which it will impact our lives according to AI experts.

We are already seeing the rise of the chatbots catering to almost every business in today’s world. But this is going to be taken to another level all thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. This will definitely help organizations to bring in renewed efficiency, automatization, accountability, speed and all the other virtues of a good chat application.

The best part of these chatbots is that they will completely replace humans since they will know the nuances of human language through Natural Language Processing, will be able to connect and implement most services through cloud and connected systems thus making them stand on their own. Thus they are highly useful in more ways than one.

This is one of the biggest changes that we will see in the not so distant future where Artificial Intelligence will take over the routine task of driving. There will be a huge shift in the way we see transportation. As entire fleets of commercial vehicles get automatized there will be huge implications to the economy in terms of improved efficiency, heightened safety, non-chaotic roads and more.

The power of Artificial Intelligence is such that it cannot be viewed as a certain technology or an application but more of a transformational change that is sweeping our society in hitherto unheard proportions. It can be considered as transformational as electricity and internet which had the power to rewrite the history of every industry and touching each and everyone’s lives making it totally ubiquitous.

We will have robots that will take over the tasks from humans and help us in more ways than one. They will assist us while we are shopping, keep an eye on us on the internet to fulfill the role of a cyber-security assistant, understand what we speak through the smartphone app and cater to our needs be it in banking, shopping, gaming, entertainment and more.

It will take over the tasks that are too tough for humans to accomplish, too time-consuming, too laborious, out of the purview of humans or outright boring.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence it is possible to do a 3D detection of the owner’s face with utmost perfection. Also there are other applications of this technology in the iPhone 10th anniversary edition. Chatbots is one of those technologies that will be well-entrenched into our lives in the not so distant future. We will have chatbots that help us in getting the various products and services that we are looking for all through the conversational search incorporated into the mobile applications of businesses which is ultimately being powered by Artificial Intelligence from within.

Making the technology of Artificial Intelligence work for us would be one of the defining moments of the human civilization on earth. Getting it to work right would also be a looming challenge to the human species as a whole. A lot of research is currently going on in various big organizations, top-notch universities, and government-funded bodies so as to get the next breakthrough Artificial Intelligence application work for us. It is an exciting time to be in the domain of Artificial Intelligence currently which is going through transformational changes and the future can only get better from here.

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