ProjectBlog: Artificial Intelligence in Our Workplace

Blog: Artificial Intelligence in Our Workplace

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According to CNBC 40% of employees quit an organization every year because of burnouts often referred back to bad workplace experience.

While this being the case for why an organization must make moves for making employee experience better, there are several research outputs stating artificial intelligence as the best solution. As we can already see its success across different markets, AI will also aid us in enriching employee experience at workplaces.

AI has so far impacted both our economy and society giving each positive boon.

It’s undeniable that AI is aiding us by eliminating mundane, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

So how effective can it get if artificial intelligence is implemented in workplaces?

Spikes up employee efficiency

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Issues with safety and security within industries have always been there until we saw disruptive technologies intruding into our society. As we look back, the majority of the jobs we had were tiring and involved very less mindful moves.

But now, the nature of work has changed tremendously and involves creativity, mindfulness, perseverance, etc in order to excel in a specific role. Adoption of AI has raised the bar and has opened up several ways for revenue generation, job opportunities and cost savings.

Automating and streamlining tasks have given a higher purpose for employees. It has shifted the course of employee journey by allowing them to focus and invest more time in building strategies rather than lowering the supply chain because of heavy human error which can cost a bulk lose. It will also lead to less time consumed in error rectification.

Helps achieve exemplary customer service

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Speaking of customer service, organizations nowadays are focusing on speedy delivery service to customers. Accenture Global Customer Care reports show that 61% of participants mentioned that AI can be implemented for higher productivity and faster delivery. Cutting down the delivery time is one thing organizations are focusing on heightened success.

Though there are thoughts prevailing about AI taking over jobs, it’s understood that human involvement and interaction is one ever necessary factor in any given high-end job. As well, companies are shifting to using video chatting technology for faster problem solving and less time-consuming.

Level up employee engagement

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From one of the reports by IDC, the requirement in the field of customer service will spike up to 20% in a very few years.

To survive through the situations where AI usage is exceeding, employees must enhance their knowledge aligned to AI utilization. This will not only raise their state of personality but will also help them accomplish higher customer satisfaction.

As AI technologies like chatbots and automation are eliminating tedious work from workplace they are also giving rise to better productivity and more humane workplace. This will predominantly help employees save time and contribute to their creativity and foster their mental and physical health.

Surely there are many more benefits as AI takes over mundane workplace tasks, it just requires thoughtful debates and acceptance to experimentation.

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