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Blog: Artificial Intelligence All Around Us

We live the world of latest technology which had taken a huge place in our daily life debates. We are surrounded by artificial intelligence, for example, your smartphone, Yess!! Your smartphone right there in your hand. No matter, if you have an android or iOS, it means you are not alone, you have Siri and Google Assistant in your phone that makes your life easier and always be the companion. It shows the instant result with lots of other options as well.

Use Siri to talk to Google Assistant

Not only, Siri and Google Assistant, but we also have Alexa and amazon echo that let us freely work. According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines”.

It adepts the human brain completely, how human learn, work, and make a decision and how the human brain solves the problem. As AI has taken a huge place in our daily lives, it is also important that we should start noticing artificial intelligence around us.

sophia humanoid robot

We all are aware of Sophia (Humanoid), a live example of artificial intelligence, HANSON ROBOTICS has made Sophia and made her with the rich personality with the great sense of humor and sarcasm along with the intelligence.

As the artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, it also comes along in the lighting fixture as well, if we look back in time, we have been using fluorescent, traditional, and metal halides from the very long time. These lights have known as very efficient at that time, but, after the invention of LED lights for the indoor and outdoor space. We have introduced to ourselves one more to artificial intelligence in our daily life electronic appliance.

We have many security appliances that increase the safety measures of our city and country. The fluorescents and old light source doesn’t match the new performance standards created by the USA government, that is the main reason that most of the outdoor lighting fixtures replaced by the LED Pole Lights.

Why LED Pole Lights?

Well, this is the only lighting fixture that has come along with the advanced features and AI. It has Motion Sensor that doesn’t need any command to work, it works automatically. The working principle of MS is to detect the motion and lightens up that particular space instantly. With the help of this, it reduces the chances the mishappening and any criminal activity around us.

Looking back in the History of Street Lights it was quite impossible to make the lighting fixture with artificial intelligence. But now it is possible and it is just a starting. A long way of AI and technology are still hidden from us.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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