ProjectBlog: #Artificial Intelligence

Blog: #Artificial Intelligence

Today I want to discuss a very advance and interesting topic which is nowadays used all over the world in every aspects of life. Whenever I looked around us and see that the things not things I think machines is the better word to use for, we see different machines which are performing different tasks very intelligently just like the human beings so it makes me surprised sometimes that how a dump device is working like a human or how this machine is behaving so intelligently.

Then after some research I realize that it’s nothing but the field of computer Science known as “Artificial intelligence”.im going to discuss this with you ppl.

First of all, what is Artificial Intelligence?

Yeah in simple words we can say that,

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computers programs’’

Now obviously the question arise in your mind that what is the need behind using this field. So let me explain in detail

  • The very idea to create an AI is to make the lives of human easier
  • AI development has begun with an intension of developing intelligence in machines similar to that of human

As we are totally surrounded by machines and computer systems, this gave humans a general thought like “Can a machine think and behave like human do? .Although this was a general thought, but its curiosity leads to the development of AI

  • Main focus of AI is to bring in advancement to computer functions associated with human intelligence, which includes reasoning learning and problem solving.

AI has huge impact on many of the fields.

• Gaming

• Natural language processing

• Expert system

• Vision system

• Speech recognition

• Handwriting recognition

• Intelligent robots

So my basic idea behind writing this blog is to give you ppl just an idea about this field or to develop interest .Now if you really felt some interest in it then go and search!

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