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Blog: Artificial Intelligence — Reinventing the Recruiting Strategy

Artificial Intelligence — Reinventing the Recruiting Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Future

It is wrong to talk about the future of AI as AI is itself our future! AI or Artificial Intelligence is something that has been garnering more front-page headlines than any other hot topic nowadays. Artificial Intelligence is basically that technology, which enables the machines to learn from the experience, and even perform tasks like humans. Now, ping-ponging between the dystopian and the utopian world, opinions have been varying wildly regarding this topic, and the present as well as future applications of AI, or even worse, AI implications. Devoid of the accurate moorings, the minds of most people today get drifted into the Hollywood-manufactured world involving robot-revolutions, auto-driven cars, and all this happens to them with very minute understanding about how artificial intelligence robot actually works!

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

So, how artificial intelligence works? Artificial Intelligence actually works by the combination of voluminous data with speedy, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, which allow the software to learn in an autonomous way from various patterns or different features in that data. Most of the prevalent misconceptions usually place Artificial Intelligence on a no man’s land where robots and auto-driven cars exist only. However, this approach to AI fails to recognize its major practical potential; which is to process voluminous data generated on a daily basis. By efficiently and strategically applying Artificial Intelligence to certain processes like even HR, task automation can occur at an unimaginable rate/scale, which is humanly not possible otherwise. Parsing through sea of data created by humans, the Artificial Intelligence systems can perform intelligent searches, simplifying and speeding the task considerably.

Smart Futures — Smarter Recruiters!

Specialty job seekers are too smart to be a part of any recruitment portal as the best talent or the cream of specialists are always occupied in specialty occupations and are highly paid as well. So, in order to displace them or bring on board, you need Smarter Recruiters to force them out of their 4×4 cabinets for endeavoring the world of opportunities surrounding them. This unknown force, when driven passionately by AI technology and endorsed by humans, is going to bring a sea change in recruiting and luring the industries best talent, which is otherwise hard to find. This AI-driven hiring protocol not only focuses on career progression plan, but also entails career planning steps for the aspirants, and delivers exciting career opportunities to the people already in business. All-in-all smart futures are in store for the aspirants with such AI-enabled portals.

Passive Job Seekers Delight

Active job seekers might not be always the right find for a particular job. The real catch is to catch the passive job seekers. Well! In the career journey of any aspirant, the first question that he asks himself is — how to find a career you love? Other questions that pop up in his/her mind can be — how to find a job you love and pays well and when to quit your job immediately? All these are more questions become the foundation stones for his/her career building. Brick by brick, they create their career, and these passive job seekers can only be the ideal match for the jobs on board. Hiring them can be a tough nut to crack but now with AI driven tools, this has become easier!

Hyper Hire for the Best Hire!

Jobket is a job portal, which has an AI tool, namely Hyper screening, which is a brilliant research product of Hyperhire. This tool is used for recruitment purposes where each resume that comes to the website gets screened by the AI, and is given perfect scores for the employers to judge the candidates better. If you are thinking how to get referrals for jobs, then also this portal would be of great help! This would be the first job portal to offer referral rewards to all the friends, who refer their friends for a suitable job.

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