ProjectBlog: Artefact inaugurates Carrefour-Google artificial intelligence lab – International Supermarket News

Blog: Artefact inaugurates Carrefour-Google artificial intelligence lab – International Supermarket News

On April 16, Carrefour and Google inaugurated their lab in artificial intelligence. At their side Artefact, a startup born in Paris in 2015 and data and AI expert, who supports the retail brand in this project, while relying on Google Cloud technologies.

 With more than 1,000 employees to date, in 17 countries and 4 continents, Artefact has proven itself. To continue its momentum, the startup has created in January 2019 its own R & D center in AI. It supports international groups in the creation of their AI Factory, such as Carrefour and Google.

In order to deliver real results, Artefact’s artificial intelligence cells are based on a very specific organization. They rely on centralized governance, allowing the pooling of investment and management efforts between the startup, its client and its partners. The Lean AI method is used to boost the effectiveness of the actions taken and to make the applicability of AI solutions possible. In addition, dedicated teams – called “feature teams” – are put in place. Their mission is to focus on a very specific objective, while benefiting from the support of a business manager. Finally, this AI factory offers ready-to-use technologies to be deployed at its customers.

For Vincent Luciani, co-founder of Artefact, the opening of this lab marks a new stage of growth for its startup “which intends to contribute to the development of this model in other sectors and at various scales. We want to promote a close collaboration with large companies in order to make AI an engine for growth in their business. Today, the stakes are not so technical: they are mainly in the industrialization of these tests and the adaptation of the operational model following the arrival of AI in companies “

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