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Blog: Art-ificial Intelligence

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In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence was a vehicle which is used to travel to the destination that is the problem. But the question that would arise was: Why are we even travelling to that particular destination in the first place ?
Why are we solving the particular problem that we are trying to solve, and I think the Design Thinking exercise with the Mural board really helped in the understanding both the how and why of the problem.

The various parts of the entire design thinking process were really helpful for different parts of our AI project. The initial part of the kickoff was really helpful in understanding if the problem that we were trying to solve, were even a big impact with a big investment or not. It helped us in deciding if the problem that we wanted to solve, was a problem that was worth solving. The first phase of the problem helped us in narrowing down the users and understanding our users in depth. This part really helped us in empathizing with our users and knowing the smallest pain-points which caused the biggest problems.

For example, we found out that users were uncomfortable in asking for feedback from people. This seemed like a small problem but was extremely important to the user.

The mural board also allowed me to understand where the data would come from, and how A.I would use that data in the entire project’s various phases to give solutions to the user. The design thinking process also helped me in identifying the various A.I opportunities through understanding the intent of the user, the data that we needed and how the system worked.

What I loved:

The entire concept of the press release template was very new to me. I absolutely loved how we had to think in terms of marketing, product development, product strategy and viability during the entire product development process while also keeping in mind, the user that we were developing for. I also loved the tidbits during the entire process where we were given industry knowledge of what is possible and what is not possible in the world of artificial intelligence, along with current trends and hot topics in the realm of A.I.

What I would love to see more:

I would have loved to see more of in-class group discussions regarding pros and cons of a particular A.I method and in-depth discussions about various techniques of A.I such as regression, classification etc in order to understand how A.I really works in detail. I would also have loved to read some classic A.I books for the class, where we could have discussions on a lot of technical A.I topics.

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