ProjectBlog: Amazing uses of AI in real life

Blog: Amazing uses of AI in real life

Virtual assistants, smart houses, self-driving cars, mobile photography … now operate more smoothly thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence.

Virtual assistant

Artificial intelligence makes virtual assistants more flexible in handling requests by learning user habits and predicting emotions. In the future, the “her” Siri, Alexa … are expected to be able to identify by voice, character analysis. In addition, the assistant can make decisions or make an appointment for the employer based on traffic situation, weather …

Smart home

AI is the future of housing technology. Accordingly, smart home cores are able to learn and memorize users through voice commands, behavior, habits … then combine with Internet universal trends. For example, as soon as you wake up, a hot cup of coffee is prepared from the coffee-activated coffee machine.

Self-driving car

In 2016, the Otto company owned by Uber successfully shipped 50,000 cans of Budweisers with self-driving trucks. In terms of economic benefits, application of artificial intelligence for long-distance transport can reduce costs, in addition to helping to minimize fatal accidents.

World-leading information technology research and consultancy company Gartner predicts that by 2020, 250 million vehicles will be connected globally via Wi-Fi. They will “communicate” themselves to give the best route.


Unmanned aerial vehicles are currently being researched for use in emergencies. Its advantages are faster speed than specialized vehicles up to 40%, convenient in difficult terrain. Through the video call system, doctors can also access victims or carers early, giving instructions to limit the severity of accidents.


From 2013, Amazon cherished the ambition to increase the influence of AI on the value chain for customers. Specifically, the company is granted a patent for the idea of ​​selling to users before consumers intend to buy. Items that are in line with their interests, habits, needs … will have their home front, the rest is paid.

Besides, the intelligence of machines also helps people in the business field to set prices for products. This process is carried out in real time, based on information collected on markets, consumers and related indicators such as securities, capital flows …

Real estate

With artificial intelligence, real estate developers in developed countries can also transmit product information to the right buyers within a few minutes. Conversely, just give the search command, the appropriate products will also be sent to the buyer.

This is the result of continuous learning based on user information and behavior, not simply ranking by keywords.

Mobile photography

Phone maker Oppo has deployed artificial intelligence to the front camera on smartphones. Starting with the F5 model, the camera application knows how to separate details between the subject (face and key, important information of the person being photographed) with the background, thereby applying the optimal plan to blur the limbs Sub-period, not important.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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