ProjectBlog: Altizure Top 10 3D Models in April 2019

Blog: Altizure Top 10 3D Models in April 2019

Each month, our editors choose stunning 3D realistic models created by members of #Altizure community. Check out our top 10 3D models in April 2019. And if there are more stunning 3D reality models we need to be following, hit up the comments or hashtag your model #Altizure to help us find them!

Marisfrolg Headquarters

Author: redsnow

Location: Shenzhen, China

Total Images: 947

Data Size: 11.68GP

Oravski Zamek Castle

Author: WB hobbydron

Location: Slovakia

Total Images: 165

Data Size: 1.98GP


Author: 全景江南

Location: China

Total Images: 142

Data Size: 2.39GP


Author: zys

Location: Chongqing,China

Total Images: 610

Data Size: 7.52GP


Author: zys

Location: Marne, France

Total Images: 217

Data Size: 2.60GP

Otley Town Centre

Author: Vantage

Location: Otley, England

Total Images: 673

Data Size: 11.95GP

LI Ancestral Hall

Author: YFQ

Location: Rucheng,China

Total Images: 859

Data Size: 10.31GP

Phoenix Forest Park

Author: 王如鹏

Location: Yunnan,China

Total Images: 246

Data Size: 4.91GP

Lanyang Museum

Author: GeoForce

Location: Yilan,Taiwan

Total Images: 1103

Data Size: 22.02GP

Great Hall of the People

Author: zys

Location: Chongqing,China

Total Images: 398

Data Size: 4.91GP

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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