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Blog: Alfabolt Your Way To A Great App

Once upon a time, deep into the night, sat a young man coding his way into oblivion𑁋 Wait, do I have your attention? Great, because it’s not that dramatic!

We’re here to introduce ourselves! Who are we?

Alfabolt is a software design and development studio working in the domains of web applications and mobile applications; to keep it simple, we build apps for your phone or your computer and we build some really great ones. We may not be coding our nights away into oblivion but we’ve quite mastered the art of building some great technology for our clients. On a typical day, this is what we look like:

A few things common between us and the ninja turtles are:

  1. We always come through; we design and develop apps that suit your business needs.
  2. We’re great collaborators; we ensure every line of code is written as a result of great client-developer communication.
  3. We work in style; we use the best and latest technology to build great apps for our clients.

(We’re also very partial to pizza over other forms of food but you didn’t need to know that)

Our past work ranges from building friend-finding apps that have been featured by the European Union to insurance aggregating platforms for leading startups around the world! We’ve also recently launched our own on-the-go hiring, recruiting and teaming app to match talent with opportunity.

May it be developing a mobile application for your company, building a web application for your business or incorporating leading technologies such as Computer Vision or Artificial Intelligence into your solutions — we’re your best friend!

So in case you’re on the lookout for a trusted software developing company or know someone who’s on the lookout for one, send us a message at hi@alfabolt.com or visit our website — we’re sure we can collaborate to build the app of your dreams!

Until next time –

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