ProjectBlog: AI to Deliver Highly Secure Business-enabling IT Initiatives

Blog: AI to Deliver Highly Secure Business-enabling IT Initiatives

Cybercriminals pick efficacy over spectacle and use a variety of methods of attack to infringe network security. To initiate quicker, more powerful, and highly sophisticated attacks, they leverage the most cutting-edge tech. With modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence now being embedded into cyber attack methodologies, security professionals believe 2019 could be the year witnessing the wave of attacks with real AI capabilities.

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This causes trouble for already struggling global businesses to deal with large volumes of attack and multidimensional vectors of attack. With AI now part of the mix, cybercriminals can implement more automation, improving their attack speed and surface area. This emerging threat, if left unchecked, could lead to significant incidents of data breach, causing unprecedented damage and disruption of service on a global scale. Read More…

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