ProjectBlog: AI Fortifies Corporate and Individual Security Areas

Blog: AI Fortifies Corporate and Individual Security Areas

There is so much euphoria about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use cases for all walks of life. We need to ensure that AI aspects of security and privacy are adequately considered. To do this, it is important to know the various ways of crossing security and privacy paths with AI fields.

AI can analyze more data wisely than imaginable and make lightspeed decisions saving organizations from brutal attacks. In this kind of world, humans are barely required to run security programs, and their jobs are completely automated out of existence, consigning them to a role as the button-pusher on the particularly critical changes proposed by the otherwise omnipotent AI.

It is necessary to work with the right security-intelligence personnel against all types of attacks to leverage AI to the fullest. Malware and virus attacks in the cyber world are common. Highly skilled hackers are able to trigger the right attacks, leaving no clues about what happened to the company’s cyber cell. And AI comes to rescue here. AI lets the network administrators protect against the series of attacks and stay strong.

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