ProjectBlog: AI-curated knowledge

Blog: AI-curated knowledge

Considering and preparing for the launch of projects in EdTech, I watched the presentation by Olga Pavlova, with a story about how to transfer knowledge from an expert.

Modern education is an attempt to transform the stream of consciousness into cases, cases into methods, and methods into tools. It is compressed and qualitatively transfer knowledge from experts and practitioners. But it hurts them, distracts from the practice and does not have the skills of such packaging their knowledge. The solution may be the creation of knowledge-packing mechanics by special people. The product is expensive, but if you bring it to the mass market it is possible to achieve good economic performance. This is a long-term game in the education technology market.

But you can add some “magic” AI / ML and change the process itself. Description of the case is a story, it is long and hard even if the expert and the practitioner subsequently pass it on to the proofreaders, the editors. As a solution — “dovlatov style”. When one paragraph is not directly related to another, but generally form a story. And then the generation of cases neural networks. The input stream is the consciousness of the expert, even at the level of STT (speech-to-text) solution. “Packaging” on the basis of training in structures and turnovers that are already present in the practice of educational literature.

There are already examples in journalism when Esquire Singapore released a print version April number for writing articles in which AI Squire was developed by QLX. Some of the articles in the issue were written by AI Squire, but edited by the staff of the publication.

Today it no longer seems like “rocket science”. If you have met such projects I will be grateful if you tell about them in the comments.

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