ProjectBlog: AI Chatbot Using API.AI Helping Improve the Business and Its Services to the Customers.docx

Blog: AI Chatbot Using API.AI Helping Improve the Business and Its Services to the Customers.docx

AI Chatbot Using API.AI — Helping Improve the Business and Its Services to the Customers

If you are running a customer-centered business, you may more likely understand the utmost importance of serving the customers with their every need. With this, you have to consider entertaining their calls in the best possible way.

However, not all calls are necessary. Taking yourself away from your current work just to answer unnecessary calls might cause an optimal distraction on your part. Your productivity is affected due to the distractions made, as you feel confused and disoriented where you should start once again.

Common Mistake by Companies

With the issue mentioned above, many companies opt to hire a front desk officer to answer all the inquiries and repeat the same job from time to time. Perhaps it is not good for a company, especially for small business to invest the money to unnecessary labor cost, which you can otherwise use elsewhere. Also, this might be hard to the employee to perform the same tedious and repetitive task every day. So, why not hire a robot to do the tasks?

Answering the queries from the customers, promoting your products or services in a very personal way, and engaging to the clients with the help of meaningful conversion are now made possible with the help of Chatbot.

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a chatting robot. It is an automated program, which engages the customers through a conversion. It is combining the power of the artificial intelligence and a certain messaging platform in order to engage users and customers. AI Chatbots using API.AI is programmed in order to understand every customer and reply to them accordingly using the unique scripts that are artificially generated by the program. The program is based on the capability of a human to absorb any given data and incorporated to a virtual person called Artificial Intelligence.

Benefits of Using AI Chatbot

When it comes to generating the leads for the business, Chatbot can perfectly help. With it, the business has the ability to engage in more and more customers, who commonly used to leave the page after seeing it.

Chatbot can also help in the customer engagement. Through the easy and comprehensive experience given by Chatbot, a better engagement is guaranteed. All questions asked by the customers will be answered immediately — all are custom-fit according to their requirement.

Chatbot can also deliver a greater customer service. The customers don’t have to wait for a long time just for their questions and concerns are to be answered. Hence, delivering a better service to the customers is made easy.

A chatbot is also affordable. So instead of hiring a staff as a customer assistant, why not hire a robot to do all the repetitive tasks of your company? Hiring an employee to attend all class had become a thing of the past as Chatbot can perform the same level of job in a more efficient and cheaper way.

So, if you are running a business that has a focus on customer service, investing in Chatbot is a good idea.

The author is a associated with iDeators, it’s a Data Science training institute based out of mumbai — thane.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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