ProjectBlog: AI Branding — Artificial Intelligence Startups On The Mission

Blog: AI Branding — Artificial Intelligence Startups On The Mission

If you visit almost any of the artificial intelligence startups, you will be greeted with ‘we are on the mission…’ on their homepage. This is the most used statement with purpose — in times when AI in under hype and at the same time really changing industries at unprecedented level — you have to state where you are going. Because — lets be frank, no one is sure right now where AI is going. So how you stand out?

First, let me do small plug — as 16-years marketing professional who worked with brands such as Toyota, Porsche, Valvoline and LuisaViaRoma on marketing projects I seen how much good branding, can brake or make products, services and sometime even companies.

Currently I have to focus on several project and offering my domains — and for sale. Whoever acquire them from me will have great advantage is standing out with unique and easy to remember url. If you are interested contact me on

As artificial intelligence startup you need to focus on where will you stand in the future? If you level your shoulder with IBM, Apple or Google — for sure you want your branding to stand out too. Go for simple, easy to read and remember name and check that domain is available. Logo should be simple too, elegant and with some accent of color that could make it recognizable form distance. Avoiding too much ‘drama’ in your branding at the start live you to focus on your product and make your future partners confident that you do exactly that — you are professional focusing on products, not on crazy logos or colorful circus around it.

One of the perfect names for decades is Kodak — read the same on most languages, easy to remember and standout. Pity company could not keep up with times and switch to more digital future rather than analog. But still name stand the test of time. Also sounds strong, confident and secure when pronounce it, its just the perfect example.

There are some interested examples that I could point as questionable — did you hear for Cockroaches Labs? While I am sure their DB are amazing, but I think name is for discussion and I personally would not like to have their name on my t-shirt. Sure, its fun, but I like to be serious when my DB and my business is in question.

Decision is up to you — but the best way is to imagine how would your name and your logo stand next to other great ones and will it fit. You an stand out for sure — but it’s better stand out in positive light, looking more secure, confident, strong and reliable.

Simple trick is to put your logo on the page next to logos companies you want to work with and show to some business friends. Ask them to comment on branding, preferable not telling them it’s your company. You can aslo stop random people on the street and ask them for the opinion. People who could fit profile of your future client, therefore some business people in CBD. When I was working as Art Director for motoring magazine I would show printed cover to some random motorheads to hear their opinion. Even if you don‘t’ agree with them it will give you another perspective and make you believe stronger in whatever you believe.

At the end — you may have shot at starting an artificial intelligence startup only a few times in your life, if not once, therefore time spending in making sure your logo and branding give the right message is important.

Stand to your mission, stand to your name and make sure that future partners see you in the light you want to pursue. You bring to future to the world and EVERYONE should be clear about it and support you. Go, rock!

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