ProjectBlog: AI and the industries of the future

Blog: AI and the industries of the future

In recent years, we have been witnesses on how the biggest companies in the world of the tech industry have applied successfully in a massive scale the AI. Currently Amazon, Google and Facebook not only are applying the principles of AI in their business models, but they are using it in the core of its giant digital business. The progressive automation of stores, warehouses and facilities, the detection of potential customers on the web and the automatic organization of internal administrative procedures, are turning those companies in authentic making money machines, leaving other companies of the same industry basically left behind.

Just a nice humane being…

But, the most important thing of this big improving in the applying of AI massive scale (and also, the most worrying at the same time) is that quietly other companies in other industries different to tech, will begin to apply the same AI technics in a massive scale, turning them in the biggest and most successful in its industry. In my opinion, the next industries which will apply AI successful and globally are the oil & gas, manufacturing and probably, education.

So, in summary, my point is, those companies which apply in a massive scale AI in its respective business model, will be on the very top of their entire industry. The key for the next commercial and technological revolution is without a question the proper use of AI.

The IBM CEO and President of IBM Ginni Rometty said recently, “The 100% of jobs will be impacted within ten years worldwide”, and I honestly think this statement is not accurate if we think in how business are developed in the third world and in developing countries; I mean, even the biggest and hottest companies leaders in its industries in poor countries are far away from the companies in rich countries. Companies in poor countries need a better technological infrastructure and of course, the most important thing, money to invest in. So, not all companies, even the leaders in its industries are interested in the applying of AI. It is unrealistic that AI change the 100% job positions around the world within ten years, but one thing is true: those companies which learn how to apply properly the AI resources in a massive scale, will be at the peak of their industries.

The risks ahead

There´s a consensus generally accepted which says the AI will involve all industries in the medium-long term and the impact will be beneficial for the humankind. The benefits of the massive applying of AI are clear for companies: automation, making smarter and faster decisions, continuous improving of labor force, etc. But what will happened when humane labor will become less and less relevant? The answer is easy: machines and systems will replace humans in roles with high intensity of work and in duties which a high degree of repetition. For rich countries the drama is minor if we consider the birth rate is low and the average income is high if we compare it with poor countries. The drama become a nightmare for the third world and even for developing countries. Currently the main source of jobs in those countries come from activities with a high degree of intensity of work, such as the manufacturing principally.

So, the obligatory question is, what will happened when AI replace quietly the humane labor with machines and systems? Until now the answer is not clear, but it doesn’t seem to be very optimistic.

AI in sight

Meanwhile, there´s a true battlefield out there in which a bunch of companies are fighting to death in order to become the dominant player in each industry. Some others barely have presence in the internet. But, from a moment to another, the dramatic increase of internet as a platform for business will be such, that in very few years all kind of kind of business from all industries will be based, in a way or another, on the internet.

Data source: Based on data from the World Bank and data from the international Telecommunications Union.”Internet users are people with access to the worldwide network”

As a momentary conclusion, I just can say to those companies which learn how to apply in a massive scale their business model based on AI, quietly will impose their will in their industries sooner or later.


Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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