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Blog: About

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Adapted from image by Rawpixel (Unsplash)

Ixy Labs is an independent research and discussion series run by an ideologically diverse, multidisciplinary team of science communicators and happiness-and-freedom advocates in London. Our mission is to fearlessly probe concepts and ask all the uncomfortable questions needed to building a more open, more human and more accepting future together.

At Ixy Labs, we believe our personal lives are changing, and how the future will look like depends on us, humans. Our series focuses on our unique era — when digitalised relationships, risky public discourse and growing moderation by algorithms are pushing us to rethink:

What does it mean to live, act and speak as humans in the time of AI?

​(Before the algorithms decide for us…)

Our Team

Left to right: Anna Gat, Chrystal Ding, Peter Isztin

Anna Gat, Editor | Founder-CEO of Ixy

Coming from linguistics, philosophy and dramaturgy, Anna founded the Ixy app in London in late 2016, an AI assisted messaging platform for better personal dialogues (and world peace, of course). Ixy Labs grew out of the research conducted by the tech team there.

Chrystal Ding, Creative | Documentary Artist

Chrystal joined Ixy Labs as a co-founder in early 2018, coming from science-focused documentary art and research. She is interested in AI’s perception of humans, and the philosophical and psychological implications of that, as well as ethical frontiers of innovation, such as gene editing and companion robots.

Peter Isztin, Research | Applied Economist

Peter has been an advisor at the Ixy app from day one and joined our Labs as a co-founder together with Chrystal. He’s an applied economist focusing on decision-making, bias, behaviour and game theory. He is particularly interested in real and perceived tradeoffs in human personal life.

Disclaimer of institutional independence and viewpoint diversity:
Ixy Labs has been entirely self-financed. We are not supported by any government, nonprofit or interest group, are not affiliated with any academic institution.

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