ProjectBlog: 75% of resumes are never read by a human — here is how to make your resume beat the bots

Blog: 75% of resumes are never read by a human — here is how to make your resume beat the bots

We are not yet in the full blown Artificial intelligence era, nor has “Replicants” fully taken over human lives. But the robot revolution is just beginning and one area where robots have come to stay is in the recruitment industry.

Studies show that 95% of Fortune 500 Companies are using robots to screen the hundreds of applications they receive on a daily to weekly basis — and they are not alone, even small startups have joined the trend. These robots are called Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Makers of these ATS software have being receiving record breaking funding from investors — a sign that the industry is and will continue to grow.

So when you received that rejection email after painstakingly creating a wonderful and even beautiful Resume and applying for that job, you have been crushed — and that is because you think some hiring manager on the other end actually read through your entire resume and concluded that you are not qualified for the job. Maybe not, chances are, no human even laid eyes on your application. Yes, but how you ask? You were probably rejected by one of those resume reading robot called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Crushing Feeling when you thought your job application was been rejected by a human but you realize it was actually by an ATS robot

Does this have anything to do with the ATS? You bet it does, this research found out that 75% of applicants are rejected by the ATS systems.

It doesn’t matter if you are qualified and have met all the requirement, your resume — in this robot recruitment regime — must comply with the ATS system to get you that dream job.


  1. Simplicity is priceless: The ATS systems are still struggling with correctly reading resumes, using those fancy fonts and images with borders may not be to your advantage — remember that it is not a human that is reading your resume and ATS bots do not care about looks.
  2. Watch your formatting: Most ATS bots won’t read your CV if it includes Graphics or symbols of any kind, except for simple bullet points, Lots of different fonts (styles, sizes or colours) — stick to two or three maximum and save CAPITALISATION for SECTION HEADERS such as ‘PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE’. Do not use Tables (use tabs instead)
  3. Use standard titles/headings: stick to standard resume headings such as Profile, Summary, Objective, Work Experience, Education, Skills, Certifications. Do not get too creative, the ATS may ignore some important information if you use uncommon headings.
  4. Check your keywords: Keywords specified on the job description and job portals should be your guide as the ATS tries to find these keywords in resume.
  5. Keep the Jargons: Include job-specific terminology because the ATS is programmed to search for professional and industry-specific terminology, buzzwords, abbreviations and acronyms. Just like the keywords, you should go through the job listing and job boards to identify the types of terminology and jargon that has been used.
  6. Stay away from headers and footers: Not every ATS system can read header and footer information, so do not include your important information in those sections.
  7. Consistency is key: since you will probably include your social links such as LinkedIn profile, use similar keywords on both the resume and the social profiles as it signals consistency and attention to detail for recruiters.
  8. Use CV Bot ( Can’t keep up with the requirement of the ATS? Let this robot speak to the hiring robot on your behalf.

Use CV Bot (

CV Bot is a robot that helps create a resume that speaks the language of the ATS robots. If you can’t beat them what do you do? With CV Bot, your resume considers all the steps outlined above. When the requirements change, we update your resume to the new standard requirements and you can download without having to do anything.

CV Bot — — featured image on product-hunt

You can drop me a review on product hunt or reach out on my social media handles Twitter, LinkedIn and CVBot or Twitter.

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