ProjectBlog: 600,000 AIPE Airdrop on DigiFinex

Blog: 600,000 AIPE Airdrop on DigiFinex

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DigiFinex is going to list AI Prediction Ecosystem (AIPE) and to celebrate this listing, we will airdrop 600,000 AIPE!

➤ Deposit opens: 20th May, 2019 11:00 (GMT+8).

➤ Trade opens: 21st May, 2019 11:00 (GMT+8).

➤ Withdrawal opens: 27th May, 2019 11:00 (GMT+8).

AIPE trading pair: AIPE/USDT
AIPE official website:

AIPE studies and researches to predict the future price of cryptocurrency based on artificial intelligence. By providing users with prediction information, we help investors to invest in an easy but a smart way.

In addition, we have made trading bots which provide predictions based on artificial intelligence. Users can get useful information for their investments and generate profits by using our service and trading bots.

As the number of users increases, the platform naturally generates traffic, and it leads to creating the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. The traffic generated will be linked to the cryptocurrency exchange that we provide helping it to overcome the challenge of securing the exchange’s liquidity. Through our project, we help to form and evolve ecosystems of the cryptocurrency.

Details are as follows:

Event period: May 20, 2019, 11:00–2019, May 30, 11:00(GMT+8)

Rewards will be given out within 5 business days after the event ends.

1. Deposit AIPE and Earn Interest

There are 100,000 AIPE in this candy box, first come first served.

Calculation for this candy reward:

Lock-up AIPE Amount x No. of lock-up days x 0.3%

Total reward to be shared: 100,000 AIPE.

Minimum lock-up amount: 100 AIPE.

Lock-up period: between 5 to 10 days.

Each person can receive up to 1000 AIPE.

For example, if you lock-up 10,000 AIPE in the candy box for 10 days, you will receive 300 AIPE.

2. DFT Holders Trading Reward (Exclusive to DFT Holders)

From 20th to 30th May, users who hold an average of ≥1000DFT on any 3 days, and trade 2,000 USDT worth of AIPE will share 200,000 AIPE reward.

3. AIPE Net Purchase Reward

During this event, according to your AIPE net purchase amount (purchased — sold — withdrawn), top 50 AIPE net purchasers with AIPE transaction volume meeting the corresponding reward level will receive the following rewards:

4.Friend Invitation Reward

Enjoy 10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon incentive when you invite your friends

10% two-tiered commission + 0.02ETH + 300 CNY coupon incentive: Download and login to APP — mine — friends’ invitation to view details of your reward

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