ProjectBlog: 6 Myths about Affiliate Marketing

Blog: 6 Myths about Affiliate Marketing

The web is full of myths and illusions today to leave you confused. Affiliate marketing also is time and again been surrounded by a lot of myths that are related to its concept and web presence. To get the right foothold and presence in the affiliate marketing industry you should know the myths too that go around along with its approach.

We put forth a few popular myths about affiliate marketing that you should definitely be aware of-

Myth No 1

Affiliate marketing is an effortless job

The toughest myth about affiliate marketing today is that it’s a cakewalk. But Even for the highly skilled and exceptionally performing publishers, it’s a competitive process that takes time. A recent survey discloses that only 0.6% of the affiliate marketers have made it big in the world of affiliate marketing. That is not to deter you from choosing affiliate marketing for your business but to make you aware that it does need some hard work upfront to establish and make money from your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Myth No 2

More the traffic more the profit

Usually marketers try to focus on the number of visitors they receive on their website under the impression that it means more business. However, the number of conversions is what matters in the world of affiliate marketing and that can be from any source. Be it social media, emailers, website or any other location on the web.

Myth No 3

No Affiliate marketing software is required
When it comes to tools for affiliate marketing, the myth is no software is required to run this business. This holds no grounds because if you want to scale your business and grow, you will need a software platform to manage all the campaigns. Moreover, it is important to choose the best fit platform because the right tool will empower your campaign by providing you relevant data in real time, putting conversions and budget caps for the campaign which are highly recommended, intelligent predictions through AI-powered automation and more. Technologically sound affiliate marketing program will always make a difference while making a good sale.

Myth No 4

Popularity in social media ensures success
Popularity on social media does not guarantee the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Using the popularity to gain traffic on the website is sometimes effective but it can only get you so far. The quality of the traffic and how motivated are they to pick your recommendations, makes all the difference.

Myth No 5

You must have a website or a blog
Although, a website is recommended in the affiliate marketing world, it is not compulsory to have one to run a successful affiliate marketing business. It is more important to advertise the product and reach the target audience and convert with quality content that endorses your product. You can use social media, and services like click funnels, instapages or lead pages to create professional pages to gain the leads from. Here you get the conversions through a third party than having your own website. For instance, to generate effective sales you can pin some nice images on Pinterest and insert the affiliate link there.

Myth No 6

Affiliate marketing depends upon the content on the website
Content plays a very important role while you market the product but there are other factors which are equally important such as the placement and relevance of the offer and also targeting the right audience with the offer. This will compliment your content and increase the chances of success of your marketing campaign.

Being aware is being prepared. Hence do not fall for all these myths start your affiliate marketing program confidently after thorough research on your target customers and the specifications of your product.

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