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Blog: 4 Day Weekend Is The Future

‘Work-Life Balance’ will be on auto-pilot mode

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Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

The unfortunate negative aspect of technology advancement for the so-called ‘Better World’, is that PEOPLE ARE LOSING JOBS!

This is not a new thing since ages the story is pretty much the same:

  • Industrial Revolution
  • IT Revolution
  • Internet Revolution
  • Mobile Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution (NEW)

All these revolutions have brought in efficiency and scale, created millions of ‘new’ jobs for skilled people.

Many people forget that jobs were lost too during the transition.

Machines replaced humans. Simple.

What’s the trend right now?

Almost all tech companies have one thing in common:


All the sci-fi dreamy sequences are now becoming a reality!

Computers can now:

  • Talk (Text-To-Speech)
  • Listen (Speech-To-Text)
  • Understand Sentences (Natural Language Processing)
  • Translate to Different Languages (Natural Language Processing)
  • Understanding patterns and using them to perform tedious tasks on its own.
  • In Short, mimic human brain! (Artificial Neural Network)

Yes, The Future Looks Bright!

There’s no stopping to this trend.

Companies are already working on Cars that can drive itself, robots that can perform a medical operation, Computers that can replace Call-Center-Support,…

Doesn’t stop there,.. the list goes on and on,…

Although it looks scary, it is definitely a good thing in the long run!!

People losing jobs is a good thing!!!

Yup, you heard me right!!

Believe it or not — People, economy, and society as a whole will eventually get adjusted to the new norm.

And slowly the trend will begin where you have computers and robots doing more work than humans!

That’s the inflection point where humans will realize — There’s more to life than just work!

And work-life balance will kick-in autopilot mode and people will be forced to work less and enjoy more 😉

Sounds dreamy?? but more likely to happen than you think!!

Long weekend is not just a possibility, it is inevitable!

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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