ProjectBlog: 3D Reconstruction Technology for 5G Smart City Development

Blog: 3D Reconstruction Technology for 5G Smart City Development

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China Unicom Global partner conference in Shanghai

Altizure has been invited to join the global partner conference in Shanghai, China Unicom. China Unicom declared that its 5G network will feature several new applications including smart city. With the emerging 5G network and the internet of things, it is possible to deploy technology in ways that protect the environment and promote long-term sustainability.

Altizure is a community for realistic 3D modeling. It provides world-leading 3D reconstruction technology to promote the smart city development across the world. Here are some case studies about the use of Altizure in smart city development.

Smart firefighting and emergency services

Altizure can help to enhance smart cities for firefighting. Our 3D reconstruction technology unlocks data that will be invaluable in emergency response. Together with the use of Altizure Planet, it provides a platform for effective collaboration and equip incident responders with situational information.

Altizure Planet brings your models to life with smart styling tools to help you easily annotate your models. Make it easy to plan your emergency path and management plans.

3D reconstruction of the site

Also, the modeled building is linked with information about the fire detection and extinguishing system. Rather than exploring the physical building, you may turn to the 3D model and see that a water valve is located in the suspect location. It can improve both the safety and the effectiveness of firefighters.

Add information about the fire detection and extinguishing system
Information about the fire hydrant

Create impactful presentations with Storyboards. You can create, edit, collaborate and present wherever you are. Altizure Planets makes your ideas shine with a variety of 3D slideshows. Simply create a presentation through your browser and explain the details of your emergency plan easily. It unifies your entire team’s communication and move your emergency communities more effectively towards goals.

Storyboards about the fire emergency plan

Bringing 3D reconstruction technology into the development of smart cities can improve both the safety and the effectiveness of emergency communities. It can help to synthesize, process and make data available instantly to augment the most efficient emergency response. Let’s us deliver safe, secure and sustainable cities with 3D reconstruction technology.

Smart firefighting and emergency services

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