Blog: 3 ways RPA Can Bring Change to Your Organization

On assessing over 500 European companies on RPA adoption, the ISG (Information Services Group) has found that three-quarters of European countries expanded their RPA budgets from 2017 to 2018. Over 25% of the companies witnessed an increase between 11 to 20 percent of the budgets. Robotic Process Automation is the new-kid-in-town in the scenario of business process automation technology.

#1 RPA Accelerates Business Processes

Rote tasks like data collection, analysis and reporting occupy a potential chunk of bandwidth for every employee. By assigning these tasks to a robot, weekly reports, infographics, status updates, and sales charts are ready without tying up any significant human resources for the same. High volume tasks when assigned to humans can become very mundane and employees get burnt-out. With technologies like visual recognition and data processing, the robots now take charge of these bulk tasks on a daily basis. Speeding up internal processes will help in taking control of overheads and boost productivity.

#2 RPA Helps You Provide State-Of-Art Customer Service

With these wonder robots in place, training and software development of your customer service crew, becomes much more realistic and less monotonous, when compared to the traditional online or classroom setting. Software robots also help customer care executives in accessing and retrieving data at the click of the button, with admirably small waiting times for that irate customer waiting impatiently on the other end. With the redundant parts of the training modules assigned to robots, there is much time and space left aside for value-added knowledge transition. All these gestures result in maximization of UX and building up strong brand loyalty among your customers. RPA helps you in strengthening your internal communications policy.

#3 RPA Powers And Monetizes Your Data

In these days of Big Data sciences, every business generates a voluminous amount of data every day, which is going untapped. With the increase in data, the business now stands on the threshold of making smarter decisions with traceable technology. Machine Learning has allowed businesses to get valuable insights into customer behavior using RPA. It is now possible to customize workflows using data analytics. While programmable bots are run by a defined set of rules, the ones more relevant for harnessing data are the intelligent bots that can analyze both historical and current data. Even keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and smart screen taps can now be shadowed and understood. This leads to high-quality decision making for senior management.

It is evident that businesses can gain colossal mileage by eliminating redundant and repetitive manual processes and give them an edge with digital technology. It helps in providing real-time access to big data and in the formation of accurate and insight-driven decisions across multiple verticals of business. The software robots or the AI workers allow businesses stuck with legacy systems to move to a more automated and technology-based architecture.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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