ProjectBlog: 3 Ways in Which HR Chatbots Enhance the HR Function

Blog: 3 Ways in Which HR Chatbots Enhance the HR Function

Recently, an HR expert enlisted three key reasons why conversation technology should be on the radar of HR leaders and CHROs. In the light of the conversation that his insights have triggered in the corporate world, we take a look at three critical ways in which HR chatbots are enhancing the HR function and how organisations stand to gain from it:

Data-Driven Decision Making

Lack of objective tools and methodologies to measure the impact of HR policies is one of the biggest reasons why C-suite leaders hesitate to invest in them. Time and again, CHROs have had to prove the ROI of their interventions, but have struggled to evaluate intangibles like motivation, satisfaction, initiative, and personal progress of their employees. Intelligent HR chatbots, like Leena AI, can, however, collect and analyse countless employee data points in order to assist the HR in making data-driven decisions. Every interaction with an employee helps the chatbot understand them better and keep a track of their progress in day-to-day responsibilities, learning programmes and training, and even their level of participation. All this information can then be analysed to identify existing people challenges and implement interventions to remedy the same.

Improving Employee Experience and Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of HR chatbots is to improve the employee experience by helping assess the engagement and motivation levels of the workforce. By increasing accessibility and instantly answering employee queries, HR chatbots can be instrumental in designing an open and healthy workplace environment. HR chatbots can also further the culture of transparency within the organisation by supporting communication and collaboration amongst employees, simplifying performance evaluation and making recognition of employees a rewarding experience. What’s more, by using dip stick surveys, AI-powered chatbots can pre-emptively identify signs of stress and disengagement, and help HR leaders in formulating appropriate people policies in their organisation. Read more about how HR chatbots, like Leena AI, can help improve employee engagement.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

In addition to optimising the recruitment and on-boarding processes, HR chatbots can instantly answer similar (and frequently-asked) questions by employees related to their salary, bonuses, leaves, requests, shifts, and meetings. This not only helps save time but also frees up HR’s resources to focus on the core people challenges in the organisation and helps the HR devise strategies that help solve fundamental business challenges. Furthermore, in addition to simplifying access to employee records and information, they can also be used to track progress and identify high-potential and high-performing employees. Most importantly, AI-powered chatbots help the HR achieve objectivity and aid the removal of unnoticed workplace biases. Read more about how HR chatbots are helping HR professionals in becoming more efficient.

These are just a few of the many broad benefits that HR chatbots, like Leena AI, offer HR leaders and professionals. Several organisations are currently using these intelligent tools to support and simplifying each step of the employee life cycle, right from constructing a job application, conducting interviews, short-listing candidates, scheduling interviews, onboarding employees, undertaking orientation and training, undertaking performance assessment, recognising excellence, engaging employees and to even undertaking exit interviews. As the discourse around the many uses of chatbots and voice-based assistants gain momentum, it is safe to say that intelligent bots will play an instrumental role in helping the business world prepare for the future of work and aid the workforce in becoming more productive and engaged with their work.

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