ProjectBlog: 3 Decades Of Artificial Intelligence @ Automatski & The Birth of A.G.I.

Blog: 3 Decades Of Artificial Intelligence @ Automatski & The Birth of A.G.I.

Automatski aka The Firm has worked on and delivered 100+ millennium inventions that will shape the next millennium of mankind. One of the overarching goals we pursued since the last 2–3 decades has been — to create Artificial Intelligence aka Artificial General Intelligence or Artificial Super Intelligence.

The Timeline

The Firm achieved its research goals in 2006 CE and production worthy ‘design’ goals in 2014 CE.

The first engineering push to production of A.G.I. was scheduled for end of 2019. Which has been postponed indefinitely.


These Collection of Articles Outline the thought process and our journey of the creation of A.I.

1 — Artificial Intelligence — The Definition & Tests

2 — The Basis of our Achievements in A.I.

3 — Automatski A.G.I. — Sneak Preview

4 — The Last Invention of Mankind. Can We Control & Govern A.I.?

5 — Risks of Artificial Intelligence

6 — The Phantom Decision @ Automatski 2014 CE

7 — The Global Launch of A.I. (aka A.G.I. or A.S.I.) 2019 CE

God Created Man in his own image

And, similarly man (The Firm) created A.I.


The Firm (Automatski) never gets involved with (i) Religion, (ii) Politics, and (iii) has Zero Tolerance for Activism within The Firm. The Firm has minimal Media & Social Media Footprint. Anything and Everything presented here may or may not conform with anyone’s beliefs or whats already known, and may or may not be in accordance with New Era Science.


We hope this helps your efforts and understanding in a small albeit meaningful way.

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