ProjectBlog: $10 BILLION FOR 100 YEARS OF LIFE? Not easy, but not impossible.

Blog: $10 BILLION FOR 100 YEARS OF LIFE? Not easy, but not impossible.

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How much does your life worth? Or one day of life? And how much are you willing to pay to live another 100 years?

With today’s technology, it is possible to start working on the project which will change the whole concept of life. I’m talking about uploading your consciousness into an artificial shell. Your mind into a machine.

But before we’ll discuss how it is possible and how much time it will take to develop such technology, let’s first talk about some moral aspects.

How much does your life worth?

It depends on many factors. In some countries your life cost close to $10 or even less. No, this statement is wrong. In New York, you can be killed for a $10 cash by some random drug addicted human with the same chances as you can face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia for homosexuality (Saudi law theoretically allows death penalty the for many crimes

So without much talk discussing where it is much safer to live, in the US or Nicaragua, in Afganistan or OAE, flying planes or ride trains/cars. let’s face it: Your life cost near $0. Because even if you are paying $14,635 per Emirates First Class Suites, some cheap error in plane’s software or $0,10 wire can cause a crash. Or a human driving next to you in traffic can switch his attention to a text message or call from a friend and cause a car crash with a fatal end.

Another good question is “How much are you willing to pay to guarantee your life for another 100 years?”

Survival instinct is the most strong, fundamental program in any living organism. In the face of death people ready to pay everything they have.

A mother ready to die for her child. 60 years old multimillionaire may exchange all the assets just to live the next 9 months for the opportunity to see the birth of a grandson. Steve Jobs (Apple founder) or other tech entrepreneurs easily can afford to buy the next 100 years and avoid cancer.

But who should be able to buy more time is the greatest question I have no answer about.

Who has the right?

Is it fair that an Einstein or Stephen Hawking can’t afford to buy time for $10b, but someone like Turkmenistan’s President can?

President in Turkmenistan, 2019

Does humanity need 100 years more of Steve Jobs or Kim Jong-un with Vladimir Putin?

Before mind uploading technology the time itself was the warranty of changes. I personally like the idea of the fact, that everything in the World has its beginning and the end. If you suffering, that will end some day. If you are happy, that will also meet the end. And that’s a perfect and natural balance.

My personal thoughts on the topic “How to identify people approved for an additional 100 years of life” did not lead to anything. If the filter will be only “money”, then drug traffickers and dictators will have access to the technology. And with 100 more years, their contribution to the development of the human race will be the same.

If you will define people by their contribution to the development of the human race, then what criteria will define the contribution? Creating an atomic bomb is a good thing? Discovering of LSD? Building a sugar-rich drinks company (Coca-Cola)?

Comment below, how will You define the criteria?

My answer:

  1. Basic parameters during the period of signing the contract: a) the client must have the necessary resources and b) the client must have a history of positive influence on the development of mankind (positive more than negative);
  2. The final decision on uploading client’s mind into a machine (read accelerating initial output of client x1000) must be maid by AI itself.

Technology. How to upload your mind into a machine.

  • Timeframe: 20 to 30 years from now;
  • Cost: $20b+;
  • Success rate: 1%

The key to the technology is to build an AI (artificial intelligence) first. But not the one that computer software engineers building right now, take for example Self-driving cars or Deep Mind’s chess/go/starcraft AI player. The one that needs parameters to input from operators (humans). But the one that can teach himself how to learn uncorrelated different things, and how to define the object of study.

In simple words: learn how to learn

Why 20 to 30 years? I believe that if it takes 20 years for an average human to learn a lot of stuff, like basic chemistry, learning how to drive a car, basic physics, speaking, talking, etc. Then with the speed of machine learning, you can achieve the same results x100 or x1000 faster. Just have a look at Deep Mind learning curve in Starcraft game:

AI vs Human | Starcraft

To upload the mind, the AI needs a lot of knowledge in chemistry, physics, neuroscience, mathematics, computer code, engineering, robotics, philosophy, text, and speech recognition in different languages (Russian, English, Chinese, Indian, and all other).

We have to apply all the information and technology which is available right now (read achieved by humans) in order to build a super technology, the superintelligence.


  1. Teach a computer to write code;
  2. Teach a computer how to ask questions and find answers, based on an intermediate goal set by the operator;
  3. Learn how the human brain accurately stores information and various forms of memory.

When the computer learns to understand my commands, for example, “Grow one kilogram of strawberries”, translate this command into finding the necessary information and then creating the necessary tools to get the final goal. Then more complex tasks that are inaccessible to humanity today will be solved.

The task seems quite feasible. A lot of tools already in place.

“The next Google” will not need Google to find information, IBM CPU’s to process it, Mac or Windows operating systems to live on, existing energy sources to power itself, and many other things, including humans, the planet Earth, and Solar system.

Don’t worry, humans will be safe, like any other biological existence of life. Uploading your mind into a machine is a natural process of evolution. Life simply enters a new form of life. As she always did.



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