ProjectBlog: 1.2 Dimension 1 — Artificial Intelligence

Blog: 1.2 Dimension 1 — Artificial Intelligence

In the previous post, we saw how new scarce layers were formed and abstracted into abundant resources in the silicon industry.

The Information world has moved from Silicon era(lead by Intel), to internet era(lead by Microsoft, Google) to mobile era(lead by Facebook, Uber) and now to AI era. This has been fundamentally facilitated by the vast amount of data created and shared across the internet services and applications.

Note: The AI industry is relatively new thanks to the improvement in computation facilities supported by Moore’s Law. One thing certain is AI will fundamentally transform every industry. This post is just a collection of where new value opportunities are being created in the field of Artificial Intelligence at a very superficial level.

Data Driven World:

This has lead to both organized and unorganized data scattered all across.

With cloud storage and data storage services in general, the amount of data getting accumulated is on an increase exponentially.

Scarce Layer: Application of data — Categorize and process data that are both structured and unstructured. There is enormous value creation opportunity for AI companies that can remove the point of friction: services to process data(structured/unstructured)

With the amount of data on in increase and the requirement for faster computation for artificial intelligence applications, especially artificial neural networks, machine vision and machine learning, a scarce layer of AI-specific microprocessors called AI accelerators has been created. A lot of companies have been developing these chips. Perhaps, there is a new entrant in the market or an incumbent who will take the lead by abstracting the scarce element.

The new scarce layer that can create enormous value is the enhanced automation process that can act as software robots or AI workers. It’s uncertain whether this can be scaled across industries but there is a potential market space.

Once AI becomes a part of day-to-day activities at both enterprise and individual level, the scarce layer could be reduce the bandwidth between humans and machines and potentially, a way to integrate the two. Companies such as Kernel and Neuralink are leading the R&D.

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